Carolina Border Collie Rescue

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption

of abandoned, neglected and mistreated border collies in the state of North Carolina.

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Grendel bark in the park

Living on a college campus offers lots of unique activities for a little Border Collie, and Grendel is soaking up the fun. Last month, Winthrop University Athletics hosted a “Bark in the Park” baseball event, and he enjoyed some Cracker Jacks while watching the game with us. He has a great time going on long walks on Winthrop’s beautiful campus, but we think his favorite activities are playing fetch on the campus green followed by puppaccinos at the Starbucks in the student center. Everyone at Winthrop loves him, and even Campus Police stops us while we’re on walks to give Grendel lots of pets. My student leaders also shower him with love and attention and make him little door tags for the door of our apartment. We just love our boy so much and are so grateful to Carolina Border Collie Rescue for matching us with Grendel in spite of our strange living situation. We are all having the best time!

Grendel on campus

I’ve Been Adopted

Ryleigh headshot

Ryleigh is a 1 year old male Border Collie that’s up to date on vaccines, microchipped and neutered. This young active dog is house broken and crate trained. He is also very well behaved when he is left out freely in my house. He loves to cuddle with people and lay on the couch and chew on bones. It is extremely rare for Ryleigh not to have something in his mouth. He constantly carries a squeaky ball around the house. He also likes to fetch by himself but wont always bring it back. If other dogs are involved in the fetch he typically just herds other dogs. He is good with other dogs but his herding tendencies can be too much for other dogs. He also can not be free with cats. He has a very intense herding drive and will focus on my cats for hours just circling them and occasionally nipping at them if they don’t move. He will likely be the same way with chickens, ducks and other farm animals.

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I’ve Been Adopted

Rex headshot

Rex is a 2.5 year old Border Collie that ended up in the shelter after his family had to move out of the country. He is a wonderful dog that would make an active family very happy. Rex LOVES to play ball and seems to have an affinity for frisbee catching. He may be a good candidate for agility or flyball as well – he is a quick learner and is both toy and food motivated. He also enjoys walks and walks very well on leash with other dogs.

Rex is currently being fostered at a home with three cats, and while he will chase them if they run away from them, he gets along with them fine. He can annoy other dogs as he likes to circle them – it may be a lack of socialization when younger; it seems to be his attempt at play. He is constantly being told off by the foster mom’s dogs, but it does not seem to phase him. Because of this, he may do better as an only dog or with a very tolerant dog.

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