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Nicholas Nicholas is a sweet, quiet, unassuming fellow. He was rescued from a shelter in GA where he was a favorite among the staff. His owner shaved him before surrendering him. We are curious to see how his coat looks when it grows back.

He has only been in our program a short time so we don’t know him very well. What we do know is that he wants nothing more than to be someone’s special boy. We don’t think he was mistreated in his former life as he doesn’t shy away from strangers and is very affectionate. He loves to ride in cars and will sit quietly in a crate or shotgun beside you. He gets along great with all the dogs in his foster home and tends to be submissive with most. He as met a cat and did fine but we plan to do an overnight stay in a cat home to be sure.

I've Been Adopted
Mitch Mitch is a handsome 11 month old Border Collie who was recently rescued from a neglected home, having lived strictly outdoors with his female liter mate and being extremely undernourished (with a belly full of leaves and acorns) and anemic. Mitch was treated at the hospital for several days and once released was introduced to his new foster home. He is nearly house broken now (only 2 accidents since arrival!) and sits on command. He is currently learning to walk on a leash and stay. He’s loving the indoor dog life with dog beds, cozy carpeting, access to plentiful food, a dog friend, and most of all, love and attention.

Mitch is neutered and is currently receiving his vaccinations. He is still recovering from his malnourishment and anemia and will be available for adoption once healthy.

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