Carolina Border Collie Rescue

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption

of abandoned, neglected and mistreated border collies in the state of North Carolina.

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I’ve Been Adopted

Farley headshot

CBCR found Farley at the Forsythe County Humane Shelter. He had been adopted from this same shelter as a puppy and returned a year later due to “issues with other dogs in the household.” There must have been issues beyond those with dogs, because he is jumpy and fearful, even after a month in foster. Farley’s fondness for people generally overcomes his mistrust unless there’s an unexpected noise or movement — a spoon dropped, a broom wielded.

To read more about Farley click here.

I’ve Been Adopted

Jaden headshot

Jaden and his mother were rescued from extremely poor and and desperate living conditions where they received no vet care. They came to us full of fleas and parasites.
Those days are behind them and Jaden is a very sweet and affectionate little boy that will win your heart over in a second.
He is eager to learn new commands and is making strides when it comes to walking on a leash.
He is still clumsy with his growing limbs and quite the clown.

To read more about Jaden click here.

green paw printgreen paw print facing left lower Happy Tails green paw print facing right lowergreen paw print facing right

If we had looked for years we couldn’t have found a more perfect addition to our family. Honey, now named Holly, is sweet and loving and a wonderful companion for her new sister, Micki.

From Adopters Greg and Cathy

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