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Lily Looking for a little extra charm?

Meet Lily. This sweet Border Collie mix is around 5 months old. She is super sweet and loving – but not overly needy. She has the Border Collie wits but at the same time she is completely ready to lay down beside you for some relaxation. Miss Lily is eager to please and picks things up quickly in exchange for treats or a little lovin’. She is learning the basic commands (sit, down, come) and coming along with potty training. She was a little nervous about crating when she arrived, but she is beginning to learn that her crate can be a comfy place. She has just a little separation anxiety. I can hear her whimper when we leave. But she calms quickly in her crate and the length of time is shorter. I think she will outgrow this completely once she is totally at home in her environment and has an established routine.

I've Been Adopted
Wilson Gabby came out of a shelter in South Carolina. She is extremely sweet and loves to cuddle. She loves to be with you and will lay at my feet or sometimes she will climb up in my lap for some hugs. She will be the type of dog who wants to keep you her sight at all times. Has ball drive, but does not understand what a Frisbee is for other then to chew on. Too early to tell yet what sport she would excel at but given a chance I think she would be great at whatever you introduced her to. She is also extremely smart and a fast learner. Walks on a leash, knows sit and come. Go pottie, go outside and loves Good girl. Go to bed we are working on. No is also in her vocabulary. So far has no issues with car rides. Only experience so far with me is the trip she made when I picked her up. And she was quiet and did not get car sick.

Gets along great with all of my dogs from a rat terrier border collies to a Pyrenees and has no aggressive tendency toward my cat. Would like to play with him, but he does not approve of dog/cat friendships. She also seems to hit it off immediately with women. Her first introduction to my husband was met with a guarded bark. He kept talking to her and she went to him within a couple minutes. So more exposure to men would help and is on our to do list. Now when he comes home she greets him like he has been gone for ages. I have no idea about children yet but really can see no issue with her sweetness.

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