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I've Been Adopted
Pitti-Sing Pitti-Sing (formerly Lucky) came to us as a stray from a shelter in Georgia. She looks to be about 1 year old but her exuberance tells us she still has a lot of puppy in her. Pitti-Sing insists on being with whoever she connects with, never lets us out of her sight; and when the cool mornings and evenings arrive is ready to rock and roll like a real party girl. Those action packed runs are a necessary outlet for her energy. She is a very loving and thankful dog. She has melted our hearts away.

She's busy in the house, wants to know what's in every drawer we open and often needs something to chew although she has never chewed on the furniture nor our clothes. We live on a farm; she loves being outside which we are a lot and she sticks right with us, so far at least.

I've Been Adopted
Bailey Bailey is a pretty red and white five year old who weighs only 27 pounds. She traveled very nicely in the car from the shelter to her foster home. She is an easy foster and barks at a presence at the front door, including the wind. She is sweet and clingy but easily directed ("Sit" "Lie down here" "Go Away" "Go Outside" "Go Potty!"). Bailey is improving on leash, walking in a Freedom harness, and is house-trained. She even ignores the resident cat!!

As time has gone on and we have learned more about Bailey, we have found her to be persistently “growly” in the presence of other dogs. This is in the interest of maintaining her relationship with her chosen person. She has been corrected in this behavior multiple times without great success. Other dogs, including two young puppies here for a weekend, tend to ignore her, which ultimately results in a fairly peaceful co-existence. Bailey has recently condescended to join her foster’s personal Border Collie in barking at squirrels, people on the road, people at the door, and the occasional imaginary threat. There is a chance that, down the road, Bailey will consider playing with another dog. But I wouldn’t count on that.

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