Carolina Border Collie Rescue

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption

of abandoned, neglected and mistreated border collies in the state of North Carolina.

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Harper in vehicle

Driving Mr. Harper

When my husband and I decided to meet Harper, I was concerned that if we did hit it off just how he would handle the 6 hour car ride home. Little did we realize just how much Harper loves car rides. After the car began moving, Harper only barked for a few minutes more then started watching out the windows. Hoping he would settle down, I gave him a dental chew his foster mom sent with him. He promptly dropped it between the seats. After I retrieved it, he promptly dropped it again, then looks at me seeming to say, “Well, aren’t you going to get it?” We played this game for a little while; eventually he laid down and went to sleep – All in all a pleasant ride.

A few days later my husband, whose name is Bud, and Harper were home alone. Bud was getting something out of the Jeep and Harper jumped right in the back. He refused to get out. Bud would go to the back – Harper would go to the front – Bud would go to the front – Harper would go to the back. Bud even tried leaving the door open and walking away for awhile. Harper just patiently waited in the front seat. Eventually, Bud gave in and took Harper for a short ride. Once home again Harper happily jumped out of the Jeep. He does love car rides!

I’m glad to say that after 2.5 months Harper is much better about not jumping into the cars and when he does he will get out without going for a ride. However, when he is buckled in he waits quietly until the driver sits down, then he starts barking until the car moves. Instead of having a kid in the back seat asking “are we there yet?” Harper seems to be saying “ let’s get this show on the road and move!!!” Turns out it is not just cars rides he loves – he loves boat rides too. He is such a character and a joy to have around.

Harper in boat

I’ve Been Adopted

Bandit headshot

Bandit is as sweet as he is beautiful! All he wants in the world is to be near someone who loves and appreciates him. Well, that and to play fetch with his favorite toy…. Bandit was surrendered to a small rural high kill shelter for an “incident” involving the neighbor’s chickens. No fences and somebody left the henhouse unlatched. None of this is remarkable – he’s a dog, after all – except that Bandit is completely blind!

The shelter was terrifying for him but he maintained his happy, gentle nature, and won the hearts of the staff who reached out to CBCR for help. After a few days in foster, he’d learned his way around, figured out the dog door and learned to enjoy leash walks – a new adventure for him.

To read more about Bandit click here.

I’ve Been Adopted

Davie headshot

Davie, named after her home county, is a shy and silly border collie mix with a medium-length coat. The vet estimates that she’s about a year and a half. She’s a bit underweight now but will weigh 30-35 lbs when she’s filled out. Her past is unknown, but it seemed pretty obvious after meeting Davie that she’s spent the last bit fighting for survival and living on her own. Don’t hold that against her, though! She was shy and scared at first, but now she pouts if she’s not the one getting petted. Her favorite things are her foster brother, Franklin, walks, mealtime, and snuggling. After only two weeks, she has a fine set of manners and has gone from slinking and counter-surfing to a happy little lady who responds promptly to requests for more polite behaviors.

To read more about Davie click here.

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