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Casey Bear is an absolute love! He is a big, calm, gentle boy who quietly loves everyone. And SO handsome! He was pulled from a county shelter in late February and has adjusted beautifully to his foster home and routine. Bear is believed to be about five years old. Because he was dirty, thin and had sun bleached fur on his back, we assume he was kept outdoors before coming into rescue. He's up to date on shots and neuter surgery is scheduled for March 11th. He is heartworm negative. He is a larger Border Collie, currently a thin 54 pounds. At perfect weight; he will probably be 60. His manners are lovely and despite arriving as an intact male, he has been perfectly behaved in the house.

Bear is completely blind, but with a little guidance from his 'seeing eye person' (his foster mom), he has quickly learned to navigate well in the house and on walks. He was slightly hesitant on walks the first couple of days, but we've followed the same route each day and he now walks confidently, two or three miles daily, wagging his tail and smiling all the while. Though we may schedule a consultation with a veterinary eye specialist, his current vet is fairly confident the blindness is genetic, is not causing pain and does not require treatment.

I've Been Adopted
Wilson Zoe is a sweet, snugly and petite 1 – 2 year old girl weighing 25 pounds. She likes riding in the car but can be timid and fearful when going to new places or meeting new people and 4-legged friends. With time and patience she is ready to investigate new places and meet new friends. She gets along well with her male foster brothers but sometimes tries to dominate other females. Zoe used to live outdoors and was afraid to come inside but she is learning that indoors is pretty comfy. She is very smart and learns quickly. It took only two days to potty train her and she is eager to learn new things. If there was a quick sitting contest she would surely be the winner. Zoe most likely never had her own toys and is just finding out that they can be fun and happily tugs with her foster siblings.

Zoe has an old eye injury which causes her right eye to have a cloudy appearance. She has a condition called iris bombe in which the iris of her eye has fused to the cornea. The vet says that while it won’t get worse, it is also not going to get better. She does have greatly decreased vision in that eye. This, however, does not stop her from enjoying life. She is playful, energetic and is generally in motion.

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