Brodie is a sweet, ~3 year old smooth coat Border Collie cross who is getting his second chance at a good life. He was rescued from a shelter who had picked him up after being hit by a car outside of his home.  Brodie has had several weeks of R&R to recover from a broken pelvis and is now starting to go on longer walks to build up his muscle. The vets have determined that he is fine without surgery, but he will have arthritis to deal with at some time in the future.  He can navigate stairs and while we’re still trying to restrict his exercise, he does like to romp around outside with the other dogs and can run around just fine.

Brodie is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all shots. He is also 99% house trained and good in his crate. He is an amenable guy, getting along with both dogs and cats. Brodie is not incredibly food motivated but he is a fast learner – his potential home will just need to learn how to incentive him.

Brodie is great on leash and loves his walks- either with company of our two other dogs, or by himself.  He does need someone that wants to work with him on distractions- when he sees other dogs or people walking behind or in front of him, he does tend to try to stop and stare.  However, he does not normally pull on leash.

He does need some time to warm up to new people.  Once he’s comfortable he will try to curl up in your lap for pets and will want a lot of attention.  We recently brought him out to an event for socializing and while he was shy at first, he did do a good job.  But he probably will never be a social butterfly type of dog.

He does have some resource guarding tendencies with bones (no doubt a carry over from his past life) – so he needs someone that understands how to work with this type of behavior. Because of this, he would be better in a home with older children who can understand his signals when he needs some space, although he does not have any issues with children.

If you are looking for a loving, loyal companion, Brodie may be your guy!