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Our Adoption Procedure

To adopt a dog, you will need to fill out an application and arrange for a volunteer to interview you in your home. You can apply by clicking on the Adoption Application button.

Our evaluation process stems from our desire that your new family member meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Our $225 adoption fee includes immunization. We also spay or neuter, unless the dog is deemed medically unfit for surgery.

"Activity Level" Categories

The following categories primarily refer to an individual dog's need for activity. Use them to locate listed dogs that fit your lifestyle and expectations. 

Available Dogs - Last Updated 25 Nov 15

Happy gets a bath

Happy - Coming Soon

Happy is a 2 year old border collie/ Australian shepherd mix and as precious as she can be.

She's house trained, has overall good manners and easy going. She likes to run and play rough with other dogs but is very calm inside. She prefers to just curl up in a ball by your feet. Happy was rescued from a shelter but shows all signs that she was once very loved and cared for. She is good with all dogs and cats but she has a strong prey drive and will go after small animals if they run from her. Ones that stand up to her are quickly respected.

She takes her job as guard dog very serious. She is sometimes going overboard with her barking and alerting her foster siblings who happily chime in. Happy is eager to learn and does so very, very quickly. She's a lot of fun to train. She's beautiful on the inside as on the outside and will make someone a great companion.

Happy will be spayed in early January and will become available after her recovery. Happy is being fostering Burlington, NC.


Adoption Application
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Lassie is cute


Our beautiful Lassie needs an angel! This sweet, gentle girl was abandoned at a 'public drop site' for a county shelter. She wants nothing more than love and affection and a soft place to land for her retirement years. She is believed to be around 11 years old, is up to date on everything, spayed, heartworm negative and on preventative. It's very likely Lassie had a loving owner who may have passed away or become seriously ill.

Poor girl showed signs of serious recent neglect, but was well cared for most of her life - was spayed, probably kept on heartworm meds, has had dental care in the past - all signs that someone loved her. She is house trained, well behaved and good on a leash. She loves to ride in the car. Lassie is undemanding and appreciative of every kindness! She currently enjoys a couple of gentle one mile walks daily, and would do well with access to a secure backyard. She is an indoor dog who knows how to behave and appreciates a soft dog cushion and a spot in front of the fire. Either situation would meet her energy and comfort needs and keep her active and healthy. She would probably do fine in a condo or apartment if walked regularly. Lassie is generally okay with other dogs, but becomes upset if another dog is too excited or energetic. She was probably an only dog in her original home and a single dog household would be best. She ignores or politely greets dogs we meet when walking. She really prefers the company of people and approaches newcomers with a slow wag and a smile.

Lassie probably has another two or three years of love to share. She would be a wonderful companion to an older person in need of a quiet, calm dog. Our fervent hope is that some kind soul will give her a wonderful last few years and help her over the bridge when it's time. She will repay you with all the love you could wish for!

Lassie is being fostered in Saluda, NC, near Asheville. For more information contact her foster, Jan at 828 749-3617 or via email at for more info.

lassie laying
lassie outside

Adoption Application
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Let me introduce you to Jim. He was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. He was said to be very active but having no manners. He is between one and two years old, closer to one I believe. Very sweet, but no manners. Jim is very handsome and has a sweet personality without a mean bone in his body. He is about 5 or 6 pounds under weight. He is very active but not necessarily hyper. It is hard for him just to relax, so it seems he is always on the go. He is just undirected and needs something to do. Agility training would be wonderful for him, I think he would do well and would love every minute of it.

Jim was just neutered and when he first arrived in my home, he wanted to mark everything. But since being here a few days that diminished and since being neutered, I have not had a problem in the house. He has not had any real accidents in the house, but going to a new home he would need to be watched. I have a dog door so he can go out when he needs. He is crate trained, quiet at night, does not make any noise until around daylight when he wants to go out. When I leave he goes in his crate. Otherwise he is loose in the house and pretty much sticks close to me. Does know the word "no". Since there have not been any major thunderstorms I do not know if he is thunderphobic, but he does not like the vacuum and prefers to be outside. He has tried attacking our lawn tractor so inside is best for him when mowing your lawn.

Jim gets along with my dogs, big and small. He has a strong herding instinct and wants to herd my cat. Willy (the cat) is experienced with border collies and knows how to handle himself around a dog that wants him to run so the dog can herd him. Willy does not fall for that. So if you have cats, you would take a chance in maybe one getting hurt. He does not growl or bark at them, but just wants them to run. So I would suggest if you have cats you might not want to deal with Jim herding them, so he may not be the dog for you. He has been introduced to kids and seemed very good with them. Toddlers would have to be supervised with him, as they are small and good targets for a dog with strong herding instinct. You might find your babies all rounded up in a corner somewhere. As far as this instinct goes, it is untrained. You could not expect just to turn him loose on some sheep or goats and expect him to react the way a trained dog would. But with the right training he would do well for you.

When Jim is in the house and is around me he is a sweetheart. He will come up and try to get in your lap. He loves to climb up in my husband's lap at night when he is in his recliner. Jim really just so wants to cuddle. Don't expect him to stay there long as something will get his attention and he has to check it out. In the evening he will stretch out on his side and relax or sleep for a while.

He has learned some manners. He is learning to sit, he rides in a car very nicely and walks nicely on a leash. He pulls when he is trying to check out every smell in the area but he is learning. Gets along well with all my dogs. He even respects my Pyrenees and my terrier.

All and all, Jim is a great dog for someone who wants a companion to do dogs sports, go for runs or walks, but must have someone who will see he gets plenty of exercise. Jim likes other animals and children. He needs some obedience training, or other dog sport training, but he does need to be in an active home. He cannot be left alone to do what he wants, that would not be the best situation for Jim. I believe that may be why he was dumped. He is also learning to accept treats from your hand, does not play ball or disc. He would rather chase the other dog who is playing ball or disc. To me he was never been played with, just fed, watered and petted a bit but nothing else. He is a sponge right now and wanting to learn. He has been vetted, up to date on shots, neutered, HW neg., and micro chipped. He will be available for adoption in about 10 days after he is healed from his neuter. Jim is being fostered in Maiden NC, contact Sharon at for more info.

jim at tree

Adoption Application
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Meet tiny Tag, a fun, outgoing border collie mix who loves people, playing with toys, and staying active. Tag is between 1.5-2 years old, but still looks and acts like a puppy. He is a bundle of energy and loves to run and explore. He does, however, listen very well to commands and is a quick learner, so he is fun and easy to train (and his puppy-like energy is very easily manageable). Tag has already learned basic commands like "sit", "down", and "come" and is mastering a couple of cute tricks.

Tag was found as a stray and was taken in by animal control. He was underweight, had skin issues and suffered from an upper respiratory infection. He still needs to gain some weight, but his other health issues have all resolved, and Tag is now healthy and happy. Tag would do best with an active family that would involve him in their daily activities and provide lots of mental and physical stimulation. Tag is surprisingly good on leash and likes to go for walks. He also enjoys playing ball in his foster home's fenced-in back yard (he plays with his ball like a cat and has not yet learned to bring it back to you on command, but we are working on it). Tag is very trainable so would be a good candidate for agility or other dog sports, but would be equally happy as a pet in an active home. Tag lives to please his people, so as long as he is actively involved in all of their activities, he would be happy.

Tag currently shares his home with 9 other dogs and is learning how to co-exist with other canines. He would do fine as a solo dog, but we would also consider potential adoptive homes with one other dog (after appropriate introductions).

Tag is house and crate-trained, has been neutered and is up to date on vaccinations. If interested in this fun little guy, please contact his foster parents at with any questions. Tag is being fostered in Cedar Grove, NC.

Tag on porch
Tag3 Tag4

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Trigger was in a shelter and was pulled by CBCR on the day he was set to be euthanized. As a stray, there isn't much known about his past, but this sweet, adorable boy is very sensitive to any form of punishment and he LOVES his people and family, but can be mistrusting of strangers initially. While he started with zero dog or human manners, he has since learned to play appropriately with his other dog best friends! He doesn't like EVERY dog he meets, but it is so fun to watch him play with those he considers his friends.

His manners have dramatically improved and he can now sit, lie down, shake, is crate trained and house broken.

His favorite activity in the world is spending time with his person. This boy has so much love to give away. While he will cower if you move quickly at him or raise your hand (not even directed at him). He will bark if someone comes to the door, and while he can be bribed with treats, he tries to cower and hide unless he knows the new person. He has not once offered to bite, but will growl and run away. He would be best for a person that understands his past may be very sad and is willing to work with his fears. I can't tell you enough how loyal he has become to his foster Mom and will allow her to do anything with him. He just needs a solid relationship to know that people are here to help and not abuse him.

He is heartworm positive and is finishing his heartworm treatments. He is looking forward to meeting a forever home that he can shower with love and be showered with love in return!

His "ideal" home: Someone looking for a loyal companion to possibly alert them when someone is coming to the house. He would be best with children old enough to understand that they have to treat him with respect. He can have a brother or sister canine companion, assuming they get along well. He also would love a place that continues to teach him tricks as he is a VERY willing student that will learn quickly, especially if a delicious treat is involved!

He is being fostered just north of Greensboro, NC in Madison, NC. Please contact his foster Mom, Mindy at for further information!

Trigger shy
Trigger outside Adoption Application
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Molly is a two year old Border Collie who is incredibly sweet. She loves to cuddle, but will hide her face in your lap in submission. Miss Molly is loyal and currently lives on a hobby farm, where she loves to be outside and play or inside if her foster Mom and brothers and sisters are. She stays close by without even being asked to do so.

Molly is smart, eager to learn and walks nicely on a leash. She is house trained, crate trained, spayed, up to date on all her shots and on heartworm prevention.

She likes to run after almost anything that moves, but her smart self has learned that coming when called is more important than the chase. Since she didn't initially know how to play, she has been working on her manners with other dogs. Being a quick learner, she also has learned to play appropriately with all of her housemates. She is going through some herding training at this time to determine her potential in the sport.

Molly is being fostered in Madison, NC. Please contact her foster Mom, Mindy at for further information!

Molly standing facing camera
Molly left side
Molly in the grass Adoption Application
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Raynor came in as a blind, heartworm positive stray full of more whipworms than we could count. He came in at 43 lbs. (Currently he is at a healthy 54 lbs). He was scared out of his mind and tremored continually. He wouldn't walk on his leash and didn't know whether people were there to help or hurt him. However, Raynor is a survivor, as he made it as a blind stray for a while before being picked up. He quickly learned his foster mom's voice and learned "HUP" to step up and "Step down, step down, step down" to do said activity. He learned to walk on the leash very well, never pulling and will come help with chores following the sounds of steps closely.

He likes to try to follow the cats, but they get wiley and just move away from him until he loses them. He does play with his housemates and manages to hold his own with even an intensely playing dog.

He doesn't play with toys at this time, but does love a rawhide to chew on. The first thing he loves to do when he gets home is rub his face on the carpet, and roll around as he is so happy to be home! He is crate trained and house broken. He also loves going to the dog park, but mostly to meet other people. He also is more than happy to come and sit by his person, put his head down and cuddle up next to them.

Oh, and his favorite position to sleep in is on his back...spread eagle. He comes with his foster mom to work every day and he has had more pictures taken of him in this position than someone being photographed by the paparazzi!

His ideal home would be one that would understand his needs as a blind dog, such as not moving around the furniture very often. He is loyal and has a lot of love to give away. He is good with children and all people he has met. He also requested to find a forever home that promises to give him belly rubs.

He is now neutered and going through heartworm treatment. Raynor is being fostered in the Madison, NC area (just North of Greensboro), and will remain in the foster home until HW treatment is complete. For more information, email Mindy at

Raynor looking at camera
Raynor sleeping
Raynor in the yard Adoption Application
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Bran is a handsome, healthy, happy go lucky 6 month old hound mix. He has no aggression issues, is crate trained and is quiet once he is in his crate. He walks on a leash, and is ready for basic obedience lessons with other dogs around. He is exuberant when seeing new dogs and thinks everyone is eager to be his new BFF. He should not go to dog parks as some dogs will not tolerate his eager attempts to socialize. He does not have a strong prey drive and plays well with larger dogs. He would do well in a family that is active with older children who will enjoy the rough and tumble play he enjoys. He will do well with larger stable dogs as he respects the hierarchy once it is established. I do not know how he is with cats. He must have a fenced in yard. An electric fence is not a suitable option for him. He would be a phenomenon in Noseworks and tracking.

Bran is currently fostered in Durham, NC. For more information on Bran, please email Judy at

Bran in the grass
Bran running Adoption Application
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Ellis is feeling great now that all his medical problems have been treated. Ellis hasn’t had a lot of joy in his life so it’s nice to see that each new day gives him more happiness. He now has a smile on his face and his tail is always in motion. Ellis is a high energy boy and gets really excited when he gets ready to go outside or gets a new toy. He’s a pretty strong fellow so he probably would do best in a house with no children or older teenagers only (13+). Ellis has not had a lot of freedom in his life and sometimes gets so excited he steps on your toes and runs wildly. He might knock down small children.

Ellis is still fearful of going new places and meeting new people. I don’t know if that will ever resolve but he has learned that he is safe at home and is finally starting to play with his foster siblings and has allowed a couple of new people to come and hang out with him. He could live with or without other dogs but he might do best if he has a well socialized confident dog friend that will help him venture out more into the world. Ellis has not been exposed to cats but does seem curious about birds and reptiles. He loves to go on car rides and jumps right in the car. He will also take walks but can get startled sometimes by loud noises and erratic movements.

Ellis enjoys toys but sometimes gets confused about which items are proper toys. He might think a rag or shoe looks fun and start carrying it around. He will choose toys over these items so they need to be available for him. He has not destroyed any items and will quickly drop the item when you tell him, "Ellis, no". For this reason, it would be best if Ellis is able to have someone supervise him when he is playing. He will crate and has learned to excitedly sit to come out of the crate. After the first few minutes of excitement, he does seem to settle down and will gladly sit down to a toy or rawhide. He also really likes to sit by you on the couch.

It doesn’t seem that Ellis had ever lived indoors before. When he arrived he did try to mark in some areas. Since that time he has been neutered and crated for some time while he was going through heartworm treatment. He now stays out of the crate for extended periods with no problems although I do take him out somewhat frequently. He has never gone to the bathroom in his crate and will cry if he needs to potty while he is crated.

A home with fencing would probably be best for Ellis so that he may be able to experience the freedom of play with security. If you feel that you can provide Ellis with exercise and security without fencing we can certainly discuss it.

Ellis seems to crave attention and will sometimes push on you with his head to get attention. He wants to be petted and seeks it out but still is a little stiff when he actually gets it. He has recently decided that he enjoys belly rubs and will allow those he trusts to scratch him. He needs someone who has the patience and understanding to deal with a dog that was likely abused in some way and takes time to trust. I think it really takes him a couple of weeks to decide if a person is "ok" or not. He could also benefit from basic training for confidence building. He seems to enjoy doing basic things like "sit" and "down" for treats and will readily learn new things for that person that he trusts. He does seem to bond with women more quickly than men but has adjusted to everyone here.

Ellis is learning to walk more slowly on his leash without pulling and has made good progress unless startled. When he does pull we simply stop walking and call him back and he comes right away. He seems to have a good recall. He got out the door one night when he was excited to go out and I simply called him and he came back to be leashed. He doesn’t seem to fear things like thunder or sweepers. He has never shown any kind of aggression towards dogs or people. However, loud voices or swift movements may frighten him. Since he does enjoy getting attention and treats, I think he would progress even further out of his shell if his new parents will continue positive reinforcement basic training. Ellis has come a long way in his journey and you can see that he very much likes the life of a dog that is loved. He loves being close to people he knows and being indoors. Ellis will be a wonderful companion for someone who wants to help a dog blossom using patient caring and training.

If you would like to know more about Ellis please contact his foster mom by emailing Ellis is currently located in Charlotte, NC. Visits are welcome but it is very difficult for me to travel at this time.

Ellis with a toy
Ellis walkin
Ellis in the grass Adoption Application
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Zip - Adoption Pending

And along comes Zip. A gorgeous, shiny black, 9 month old puppy who wound up in a shelter, rescued, and in 48 hours flunked the apartment/crate scene with flying colors. Was booted out, landed here on our farm with wacko pent- up energy.

And in 3 weeks time...Oh...what a difference the stability of a loving home has made. This little fellow is so...much calmer and ever so loving and friendly to all be it a stranger or not, 2 or 4 legged.

Being 9 months old, Zip needs a ton of exercise; specifically two 30 minutes walks a day won't cut it. Zip gets bored if in the house for a good length of time, toys or not. Toys are not really his thing but he does love his cow hooves to chew on and he's taken up with a squeaky stuffed toy raccoon. Of which he usually insists on carrying outside for the professional look or will trade it in for an empty soda bottle to do the trick.

This puppy/teenager would do well with a playmate of similar energy level. His days consist of accompanying us here on the farm, which keeps him quite busy with free range to run and play with our other Borders and livestock dog. He loves the farm animals, doesn't chase them, we have never allowed that and he learned not to do that easy enough. He licks the lamb's ears, respects the neighbor's cows and horses, did not charge their escapee herd of goats when confronted head on with them and ignores our resident wild turkey flocks.

When the day is over and the sun starting to set, he dutifully waits in line to have the mud washed off so he can come in the house with us and calmly spend the night. He's good in the house, doesn't chew the furniture, counter surf, etc. Of course by the time it's time to come in, he's quite tired.

On rainy days, he and his friends are content to stay on the porch, occasionally peering through the screen door to see what's taking us so long to get out there. He has never tried to run off, in fact just the opposite. He's our shadow and when he is with my husband I really miss him, I feel like I just need to trip over him one more time.

The crate doesn't work for all dogs, including Zip. When we need to have some dog free time such as when we run machinery or go to town, we put him and our other 2 Borders in a kennel with lots of room and they are able to look out over the farm. He does best with a friend in the kennel with him.

As for car rides, he rides well in the back seat. At first he was almost impossible to get Zip in; now that he knows he is always coming back, he jumps right in.

In the past three weeks, our precious Zip has won our hearts with his affection, devotion, gratitude, his kindness to strangers, other dogs and our farm animals, and his animation. What's not to love? Zip just wants to be an active participant in a loving family. He will be someone's true friend forever, what a fortunate gift.

Thunder phobic: Don't know, however he was OK with the sound of a gunshot
House trained: We think we have that covered
Yard commands: We think we have that covered too

Zip one ear up
Zip play bow
Zip running
Zip chasing
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Shiloh headshot

Shiloh - Adoption Pending

This loving, big eared girl had a rough start to her life. She was dumped not once, but twice, in a Western NC animal shelter and before she lived as a stray. In the shelter, she was terrified and extremely stressed due to the loud and foreign noises. Now she is much happier and calmer living with her new foster mom and foster sister.

Shiloh is around 1.5 to 2 years old, weighs 30 lbs and has a gorgeous, soft, and fuzzy red coat. She has been spayed and is up to date on all shots. Her favorite thing to do is to lay on her back, all four feet in the air, and get her belly scratched. She really just lives for human contact and love. She loves to snuggle too! Shiloh was definitely a country girl because, at first, city noises were a lot for her to take in but now she is much braver. Shiloh is potty trained (not one accident so far!), crate trained, and walks wonderfully on the leash. She still needs to work on her "good dog manners" like not jumping on the counters or on you when you walk in the door but she is very smart. You only have to tell her "NO!" once and she will never do it again. She still has a lot of energy, which is no surprise because she is a young dog. She normally gets 2-3 short walks a day, plus play time in the dog park with her foster sister. She definitely likes to chew and can often be found lounging on the couch with her favorite antler.

Shiloh would be a great agility dog as well. There are a few agility obstacles in the dog park and Shiloh has already shown interest in them. Her foster mom got her to jump over a hurdle on the second try with just a little coaxing. She might not be competition material, but agility would be a great outlet for her intelligence and energy. Shiloh definitely needs a home that understands normal border collie energy and will be willing to work with her "puppy" behaviors to perfect her manners.

All in all, Shiloh is a gorgeous, loving, eager, and sassy girl who will make a family very happy one day. She loves other dogs and would probably be fine with young children. She really just loves anyone who is willing to give her belly a scratch and her ears a rub.

JShiloh belly
Shiloh at vet
Shiloh with sister
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Jasper - Adoption Pending

Jasper was relinquished to CBCR by a farmer who was forced to give up his farm and move to the city. Jasper, who had been outside on the farm all his life, was consigned to a 10'x10' pen. Neither the dog nor his owner were content with this arrangement, so Jasper was relayed to his foster home in Pittsboro. He tested medium strong positive for heart worm and has recently received his first immiticide injection. In mid November he will have his 2nd and 3rd injections.

Jasper is a naturally quiet and peaceful dog, so it has not been difficult to keep him resting during his convalescence. Never having been allowed inside a house before now, he is delighted with and respectful of his new environment. People are Jasper's highest value. Not toys, not other dogs, not food or treats, not even bouncy kittens. Only people of all kinds — men, women, children — all rate highly superior. To underline his deep affection for his person, Jasper follows faithfully from room to room, then sits gazing worshipfully up with a huge smile, lolling tongue, and a side to side head motion, which we have entitled his "Stevie Wonder Look." Occasionally, he allows himself to overrule a standing command ("Off") and clasps one of us lightly around the waist, but he is neither heavy nor grabby in this embrace. He drops to the floor like a stone when reminded "Off!"

Jasper will lie at your feet while you work on computer, sit steadfastly by your side as you eat your dinner, and curl up on a rug beside your bed as you sleep. He gathers himself into a ball of trembling excitement when his harness and leash are brought out. He enjoys a leisurely walk, sniffing and marking from bush to bush.

Jasper is neither a barker nor a fighter. He has been chased and bitten by a Pekinese, growled at by strange dogs, hissed at by cats, and he has never offered to retaliate. When corrected for a minor offense, he collapses in a heap of waving legs and wagging tail.

Jasper will be neutered after he has completed his heart worm treatment around the end of November. Although he will reflexively begin to mark a space that's new to him, he can be stopped in mid-stream by a "No!" Once he is comfortable, he feels no need to mark inside the house. Neuter surgery will likely put a stop to any indoor marking.

Here is a dog who, with his flashy gray-blue and white merle coat and his partly-blue, mostly dark brown eyes, trots with the carriage of a proud, showy Border Collie, but comes with none of the intensity of the breed. He is a treasure.

Jasper dancing with Ellen
Jasper standing on the grass
Sammie standing on the street, left side

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Ink - Adoption Pending

Ink is a 2-3 year old Border Collie gem. This beautiful girl was rescued from a shelter in late September. We can't figure out how she even ended up there. She is very, very sweet, great with people, children and dogs. She has had some training before and walks nicely on a leash. She loves to cuddle and enjoys attention from everybody.

She doesn't like to walk on some wood floors but once she gets used to them she's fine.

True to her Border Collie-self she'll need a little bit more exercise than the general pet to keep her happy and challenged. For a committed dog owner she will make a perfect companion.

Ink getting a bath   Ink after bath

Ink running   Ink on lap

Ink standing
Ink standing head turned
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Ref - Adoption Pending

Ref got his name while we were watching football. He kept walking in front of the TV so we called him "The Ref". He is a wonderful boy despite the fact that he is completely blind. He gets along with all other animals, cats and dogs, loves all people young and old. Ref loves to be in your lap cuddling and snuggling. It doesn’t take him long to map out his surroundings so that he doesn’t bump into anything.

He would do best in a home that understands his needs. For example, keeping all furniture in one place, so that he knows where everything is, a path of rugs are helpful to get him from his crate to the front door or kitchen. He would also do best in a home with few steps. He navigates the front two steps up onto the porch but a flight of stairs would be an issue.

Ref is very quiet. I have heard him bark when playing with other dogs but never in his crate or at anything else. He loves to play with a tennis ball. It’s fascinating to watch him as the ball gets away from him. He uses his senses and finds it quickly.

He will come with a Halo harness for going outside the home. This acts as a "walking stick" for him to keep him from running into things. Ref is a LOVER and a very quick learner. He is crate trained and will "pace" when he needs to go out for a potty. He is happiest just being with you and sitting and snuggling, but he really wants to be in your lap.

Ref with his Halo
Ref looking up with his Halo
Ref with his head turned
Ref right side
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Callie - Adoption Pending

Callie is a smaller, playful sweetheart. She was pulled from a shelter in August and is learning to trust one day at the time.

She's house trained and is learning basic commands. She's a very fast learner and eager to please. She's great in a crate and on car rides. Callie is very good with all dogs but has a strong prey drive which can overwhelm some smaller dogs. With proper introduction she understands quickly how to be friends with all sizes of fur friends though. We will test how she interacts with cats soon.

Callie is very, very loving and is happiest when she can be right there with you. If you don't want a cuddler, this dog is not for you. Callie loves, loves, loves children and a family with kids would be a preferred home for her.

Callie is heart worm positive and is under treatment right now. She will need someone that is patient and will nurse her back to perfect health once this strenuous treatment is behind her. Callie will be available for adoption in late November but you can meet her right away if you think she can be your new companion!

Callie during de-shedding
Callie scratching
Callie sniffing
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Lucy - Adoption Pending

Lucy is a sweet, very loving smaller Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix. She was rescued in early June from a life on a chain without any proper socialization. As a result, she is an insecure dog that shows aggressive behavior towards other dogs. After one week of rehabilitation she has already made impressive behavior changes and is now becoming comfortable with her foster siblings. She's not at the point where she can be trusted to freely interact with other dogs, as the process of building her self-confidence and her trust in a human companion will take time; therefore she can only be adopted to a home where she will be an only dog.

Aside from that you won't find a sweeter girl than Lucy. Everyone who meets her likes her instantly. She's very goofy with almost clown like qualities. She loves all people including children.

An old injury to her front leg causes her to limp, but she handles it well and is in no pain. She can easily hike several miles but will likely not be a running companion or agility champion. She knows basic commands but is eager to learn and fun to train. She is house trained and great in her crate.

The person that adopts Lucy needs to be committed to her ongoing rehabilitation and be willing to provide patience and leadership.

Lucy rollover
Lucy walking
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Independent foster dogs are NOT in the CBCR program. They are dogs that are being independently fostered by a current CBCR volunteer. They may be any breed or mix of dog, not just Border Collies. Please use the contacts at the end of each dog's biography to obtain more information about the dog and the procedure for adopting him/her.

CBCR does not warranty any of the information provided about the following dogs. Should any issues arise, CBCR will not be held responsible. Fees requested and policies may differ from CBCR.



Lou is one big loveable boy with an infectious exuberance and love of life. He thinks everyone, human or canine, is just dandy!

My dogs and I found Lou during a run in the woods. He was standing at a trail head right next to a busy road. Afraid that I would scare him into traffic, I crept back towards the woods but not before he saw us. He was ecstatic!! So happy to see someone, doing that crazy happy dog dance around me and my dogs. He followed us, but, was confounded by the first foot bridge. He watched us cross but stayed on the other side howling in distress. After lying down on a bridge and coaxing him forward, Lou quickly "got it." He had no trouble from that point on and followed us the 5 miles home.

Lou settled in right away making friends with all the resident dogs and finding his place in the pack.

After checking with the shelter and neighbors, it seemed that no one was looking for the "Big Headed Boy." Lou was extremely thin, had scratches on his face, infected eyes, and infected ears. All four of his foot pads were raw and bleeding. He is now neutered, in excellent health, and, at the perfect weight. He is possibly a mix of Boxer, Hound, and Pit.

Lou's favorite things are swimming, playing with his foster siblings, and snuggling. He is able to get his big body in the tiniest of places. He doesn't understand: "There's no room Lou!" He will find a way to fit even if it means defying the laws of physics. We also call him "close talker," a term coined in one episode of Seinfeld. He likes to be very close.

Don't let Lou's goofy demeanor fool you. He is one smart cookie who is very easy to train. Lou is full of potential and does his best to understand what is expected of him. He knows a few basic commands but is capable of so much more.

Lou is house trained, neutered, and up-to-date on all his vaccinations. He has shown some aversion to pressure on his neck while on a leash. With the help of Sue McKinney, owner of the Whole Dog Institute and Dog Fun Forever, Lou is learning to how to walk comfortably on a leash. We have not yet tested him with cats or kids but hope to do so soon.

For more information on this handsome fellow, please contact Ann Miller, , 919.682.6125, (call prior to 21:00 please). If interested in adoption fill out the CBCR Adoption Application found here. Invisible fencing systems are not suitable for Lou.

Lou Come
Lou and Bit
Snuggle Boy Adoption Application
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