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Our Adoption Procedure

To adopt a dog, you will need to fill out an application and arrange for a volunteer to interview you in your home. You can apply by clicking on the Adoption Application button.

Our evaluation process stems from our desire that your new family member meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Our $225 adoption fee includes immunization. We also spay or neuter, unless the dog is deemed medically unfit for surgery.

"Activity Level" Categories

The following categories primarily refer to an individual dog's need for activity. Use them to locate listed dogs that fit your lifestyle and expectations. 

Available Dogs - Last Updated 12 Feb 16



Hi everyone, this is Pippa!! Pippa is a very loving, sweet, playful puppy looking for her forever family. Pippa was found on a cold and rainy day in December by a good Samaritan. She was barely alive, she was discovered to have a badly broken pelvis. Her pelvis was fractured in 3 places most likely from a beating with a blunt object. She was covered in fleas, had many open wounds, and was severely malnourished. Fast forward through many months of love, TLC, and lots of great vet care, Miss Pippa is now healed and looking beautiful!

Pippa bonds very quickly and will be an extremely loyal companion to whoever adopts her. She loves to cuddle, her favorite spot is curled up on your lap or sitting at your feet. She loves to give kisses and will seek out attention and pets from her people. Pippa loves to play and gets along great with new dogs. She enjoys playing "keep away", "chase", and "tug of war" with her foster sister.

Pippa is crate trained, potty-trained, and a very nice leash walker. She is very much a velcro dog so she does well off leash too. Currently Pippa weighs 38lbs but she is still very skinny and needs to put on more weight so an ideal full-grown weight for her will be closer to 45lbs. She knows how to sit, lay down, and wait. We are working on shake this week! She is a very smart little girl and learns very quickly. Pippa is wary of newcomers at first and might bark a little bit at men at first. All she needs is a yummy treat and a pet then she welcomes new people with open arms, it just takes her a few minutes to warm up. This behavior has vastly improved since she came to her foster home so it will probably be a thing of the past once she realizes no one will hurt her anymore.

Pippa's hip fractures are healed but her posture and gait still need a little more time. Her x-rays have been reviewed by many veterinarians, they expect her to make a full recovery and she does not require any further treatment for her fractures. She will lead a normal and active life, however she will never be an agility or working Border Collie. Pippa's ideal home would be one that understands that she needs to gain strength in her back legs with gentle exercise and play for a few more months. But don't you worry, she still loves to run, jump, and play despite like any normal puppy!

Overall, Pippa is an extremely loving, goofy, fluffy ball of fur! To adopt Pippa, you must love to cuddle and receive kisses. Sweet Pippa is a real treasure and will make a family extremely happy with her adoring attention.

Pippa is spay, up to date on vaccination and receives monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative. Pippa is being fostered in Raleigh, NC. For more information please contact Tegan Smith at with any questions.






Adoption Application
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Sophie - Not Available


Hi All! My name is Sophie and has been since I was born on Feb 14th, 2009. I have been with the same family since I was a puppy. I ended up with animal control several times in my life due to all the temptations on the other side of the Invisible Fence. It's really not completely my fault, as, like many border collies, my drive to do something can lead me to trouble if the opportunity presents itself. Plus, you'd chase the squirrels too if you understand half of the horrible things they are saying to us all!

Now I live with a foster Mom and since I have been outdoors my entire life, I have been learning how to be a good canine citizen. I am a very happy girl and love every single person that I meet. I haven't tried to run away even once. But my foster Mom plays lots of games with me so I'm always eager to be near her in case she decides its time for another game.

My current foster Mom has been very stunned at my intelligence and ability to adapt so far. The first night in her house she told me to "get in the kennel". So, I got up and walked to the kennel. The second day at work, I was bugging her while she was trying to get work done and she told me "Go lay down, I gotta finish this". I then turned and laid on the bed she had out for me. She sat there staring at me and acted impressed. I think her standards are low, because to me, these are easy things. I am working on being house broken (very close!), working on learning to be happy in a crate, can sit, stay, shake, lay down, dance and come.

Initially I treated every command like it was a request. I'm a bit stubborn, but am learning that when my person says "Come" that it is a command and I'm learning to drop what I'm doing to follow through. I'm picking it up well because she's showing me that her ideas are better than my own and that I'm rewarded when I listen.

My foster Mom tells me I need to lose about 10 lbs, but I'm fairly active so this shouldn't be too hard.

My ideal home: I can live with all types of people, kids and adults. I have been seen to try to chase a car, so it is best if I either have a fenced in yard or a dedicated owner that doesn't let me roam outside alone. I prefer boy dogs if I had a sibling, but a non-alpha female is OK too. Cats are ok, but it would have to be the right cat or situation to learn to not chase them if they run. I am very social and have interacted well with the many people at my foster mom's work.

I am heartworm positive, so I am not yet available and my status will be changed when I'm finishing treatments! Check out the pictures of me dancing and loving life!

Sophie is being fostered in Madison, NC. Please contact Mindy at with any questions.







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Teddy is a sweet boy who is about 3 1/2 years old. He is in good health and is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and heartworm negative. He is housebroken, so he will only need to be familiarized with your home's layout and your schedule. Teddy is extremely people-oriented and prefers companionship with a person/family. He bonds quickly, and he loves to be with his special someone. He will follow you around the house throughout the day just to be close to you.

Being a border collie, Teddy is also an energetic dog! He loves toys, and he will play ball or Frisbee as long as he has someone to throw it for him! He loves going on hikes and long walks! He will certainly enjoy an active lifestyle! Once inside he is as calm, as well behaved as can be, and can always can be found just a few feet from his special person. Teddy is kind to other dogs, he waits his turn to eat, won't shove or growl at another dog on his bed, etc. But he always prefers to be with the person he bonds with and therefore can't be counted on to be a playmate for another dog.

Teddy does NOT do well in a crate or behind bars of any kind. But he is so trustworthy in the house, there is really no reason to crate Teddy or confine him to a room while gone. We leave Teddy the full run of the house without a second thought when we need to leave the premises. That's not to say he doesn't wimper when we close the door behind us. But now that he knows we always return, the wimpering is over with by the time we reach the car. He simply darts upstairs and looks out the window for our return.

We were told our little guy is fine with children and cats; we have neither so I cannot vouch for this. However, judging from his personality, I would think it true. A squirrel will elicit his immediate attention and an ensuing chase. Even saying the word "squirrel" will have him on high alert. He will zero in on the vacuum cleaner wand and follow it back and forth...yep border collie.

This precious fellow is leash trained and quite trustworthy off leash. He does not run off because he always wants to be so close to his favorite person. If he cannot see his favorite, he would likely take off to find them. Neither the sound of fireworks, gunshots nor thunder disturb Teddy. (Yeah!)

Teddy's perfect home would be with a person that would be home most of the day or could take him along to work as he is very people friendly and calm. He wouldn't mind a canine buddy, but wouldn't be a playful mate for him/her. Teddy definitely needs walks and serious ball/Frisbee throwing several times daily. He lives for the ball and Frisbee activity!

Teddy will make a fortunate person a very special friend forever. He will be one of their most treasured gifts of life. Teddy is being fostered in Leicester, NC. If you are interested in Teddy, please contact Yvonn at .



Adoption Application
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Molly is a two year old Border Collie who is all border collie! She is so incredibly sweet and loves to be in your lap cuddling any chance she gets. Molly is smart, eager to learn and walks nicely on a leash. She is house trained, crate trained, spayed, up to date on all her shots and on heartworm prevention.

However, we do have sad but promising news about Molly. She is only 2 but came to us with a bump on her shoulder. It was surgically removed, but turned out to be a soft tissue sarcoma, Grade II. There were not complete margins due to its invasive size. It is not a tumor that often metastasizes (goes elsewhere in the body), but we want to be sure we have it treated before adopting her out. She has had a complete CT scan of her body and there have been no metastases found, which is good news, but has been expensive so far. (If you cannot adopt for foster, consider donating to her cause to be a part of the heroes needed for her!)

She is starting Radiation treatment at this time. There is an 85% chance we will cure her of this disease. However, longer term there could be a 15% chance of it returning or possibly needing an amputation later in life. This is a lot to ask for a potential adopter. We are giving her the chance to keep it in hopes we will some day find a forever hero for her after her treatment is done. This little lady is ALL border collie and would love to find a home that she can be active and possibly go with someone that is interested in dabbling in getting her herding training. While she may never be trialable, this girl shows a great amount of potential.

Molly is being fostered in Madison, NC. Please contact her foster Mom, Mindy at for further information!

Molly standing facing camera
Molly left side
Molly in the grass Adoption Application
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Ellis is feeling great now that all his medical problems have been treated. Ellis hasn’t had a lot of joy in his life so it’s nice to see that each new day gives him more happiness. He now has a smile on his face and his tail is always in motion. Ellis is a high energy boy and gets really excited when he gets ready to go outside or gets a new toy. He’s a pretty strong fellow so he probably would do best in a house with no children or older teenagers only (13+). Ellis has not had a lot of freedom in his life and sometimes gets so excited he steps on your toes and runs wildly. He might knock down small children.

Ellis is still fearful of going new places and meeting new people. I don’t know if that will ever resolve but he has learned that he is safe at home and is finally starting to play with his foster siblings and has allowed a couple of new people to come and hang out with him. He could live with or without other dogs but he might do best if he has a well socialized confident dog friend that will help him venture out more into the world. Ellis has not been exposed to cats but does seem curious about birds and reptiles. He loves to go on car rides and jumps right in the car. He will also take walks but can get startled sometimes by loud noises and erratic movements.

Ellis enjoys toys but sometimes gets confused about which items are proper toys. He might think a rag or shoe looks fun and start carrying it around. He will choose toys over these items so they need to be available for him. He has not destroyed any items and will quickly drop the item when you tell him, "Ellis, no". For this reason, it would be best if Ellis is able to have someone supervise him when he is playing. He will crate and has learned to excitedly sit to come out of the crate. After the first few minutes of excitement, he does seem to settle down and will gladly sit down to a toy or rawhide. He also really likes to sit by you on the couch.

It doesn’t seem that Ellis had ever lived indoors before. When he arrived he did try to mark in some areas. Since that time he has been neutered and crated for some time while he was going through heartworm treatment. He now stays out of the crate for extended periods with no problems although I do take him out somewhat frequently. He has never gone to the bathroom in his crate and will cry if he needs to potty while he is crated.

A home with fencing would probably be best for Ellis so that he may be able to experience the freedom of play with security. If you feel that you can provide Ellis with exercise and security without fencing we can certainly discuss it.

Ellis seems to crave attention and will sometimes push on you with his head to get attention. He wants to be petted and seeks it out but still is a little stiff when he actually gets it. He has recently decided that he enjoys belly rubs and will allow those he trusts to scratch him. He needs someone who has the patience and understanding to deal with a dog that was likely abused in some way and takes time to trust. I think it really takes him a couple of weeks to decide if a person is "ok" or not. He could also benefit from basic training for confidence building. He seems to enjoy doing basic things like "sit" and "down" for treats and will readily learn new things for that person that he trusts. He does seem to bond with women more quickly than men but has adjusted to everyone here.

Ellis is learning to walk more slowly on his leash without pulling and has made good progress unless startled. When he does pull we simply stop walking and call him back and he comes right away. He seems to have a good recall. He got out the door one night when he was excited to go out and I simply called him and he came back to be leashed. He doesn’t seem to fear things like thunder or sweepers. He has never shown any kind of aggression towards dogs or people. However, loud voices or swift movements may frighten him. Since he does enjoy getting attention and treats, I think he would progress even further out of his shell if his new parents will continue positive reinforcement basic training. Ellis has come a long way in his journey and you can see that he very much likes the life of a dog that is loved. He loves being close to people he knows and being indoors. Ellis will be a wonderful companion for someone who wants to help a dog blossom using patient caring and training.

If you would like to know more about Ellis please contact his foster mom by emailing Ellis is currently located in Charlotte, NC. Visits are welcome but it is very difficult for me to travel at this time.

Ellis with a toy
Ellis walkin
Ellis in the grass Adoption Application
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Jazzy - Adoption Pending

An angel for sweet Jazzy? This gentle girl was picked up as a stray on Christmas Day. She spent a miserable, sad week in a rural county shelter. Though she has a microchip and the numbers were called, no owner has come forward. Jazzy is a beautiful older girl, believed to be about 11. She has been loved and cared for at some point of her life. She was spayed and chipped, no heartworm or intestinal parasites. She is healthy for her age but has hip dysplasia and her spinal mobility is slightly decreased. She came in with an uncomfortable skin infection, now clearing. She is very thin and needs someone who's willing to nurture her back to a healthy weight range.

She shows signs of recent neglect and abuse so it is likely an older owner passed away, leaving Jazzy with no one to care for her. She was shot at with a BB gun and very likely beaten.

She still loves people though and appreciates kindness and affection! Jazzy is house trained, well behaved, enjoys leash walks and car rides and is simply delighted to curl up at your feet or to rest her chin on your knee as you work or relax. As an older girl, she'd prefer a calm, quiet household without high energy pets or younger children to worry her. She'd love carpeted floors or runners since hardwood floors make her slightly uncomfortable. She also prefers not to climb stairs.

She's good with cats and the foster family's bunny. She would make a wonderful companion for an older person or couple! If you have room in your heart and your home to give this lovely dog a few more years of comfort and happiness, please consider Jazzy!



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Socks cutie

Socks - Adoption Pending

Socks was a handsome vagabond, way out east in Washington, NC, who was taken in by a well meaning resident there. He dug under and climbed over the resident's fence and remained a stray until a Border Collie lover coaxed him into a loop leash with high value treats. He was taken to the Beaufort County shelter (which has tops on its kennels) for safekeeping and stray hold. CBCR was notified and we arranged to have him brought into CBCR rescue and foster in Pittsboro NC.

Socks is a playful puppy, always up for a gambol. He is also very attached to his people, which might explain his strong drive to escape an enclosure and be with whoever he has connected with.

Socks has no herding instinct, but he loves to pounce after a squeaky toy and bring it back and, reluctantly, Drop It! He will be very happy in a family with children and sporting cats. He has bonded with the kittens in his foster home to the point where they sleep side by side and play off and on all through the day.

Socks is house trained, up to date on immunizations, neutered, and familiar with the command "Sit." He is ready to go to his forever home.

Socks is being fostered in Pittsboro, NC. For more information on Socks, please email Ellen Pearson at






Adoption Application
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Independent foster dogs are NOT in the CBCR program. They are dogs that are being independently fostered by a current CBCR volunteer. They may be any breed or mix of dog, not just Border Collies. Please use the contacts at the end of each dog's biography to obtain more information about the dog and the procedure for adopting him/her.

CBCR does not warranty any of the information provided about the following dogs. Should any issues arise, CBCR will not be held responsible. Fees requested and policies may differ from CBCR.


Lou - Adoption Pending

Lou is one big loveable boy with an infectious exuberance and love of life. He thinks everyone, human or canine, is just dandy!

My dogs and I found Lou during a run in the woods. He was standing at a trail head right next to a busy road. Afraid that I would scare him into traffic, I crept back towards the woods but not before he saw us. He was ecstatic!! So happy to see someone, doing that crazy happy dog dance around me and my dogs. He followed us, but, was confounded by the first foot bridge. He watched us cross but stayed on the other side howling in distress. After lying down on a bridge and coaxing him forward, Lou quickly "got it." He had no trouble from that point on and followed us the 5 miles home.

Lou settled in right away making friends with all the resident dogs and finding his place in the pack.

After checking with the shelter and neighbors, it seemed that no one was looking for the "Big Headed Boy." Lou was extremely thin, had scratches on his face, infected eyes, and infected ears. All four of his foot pads were raw and bleeding. He is now neutered, in excellent health, and, at the perfect weight. He is possibly a mix of Boxer, Hound, and Pit.

Lou's favorite things are swimming, playing with his foster siblings, and snuggling. He is able to get his big body in the tiniest of places. He doesn't understand: "There's no room Lou!" He will find a way to fit even if it means defying the laws of physics. We also call him "close talker," a term coined in one episode of Seinfeld. He likes to be very close.

Don't let Lou's goofy demeanor fool you. He is one smart cookie who is very easy to train. Lou is full of potential and does his best to understand what is expected of him. He knows a few basic commands but is capable of so much more.

Lou is house trained, neutered, and up-to-date on all his vaccinations. He has shown some aversion to pressure on his neck while on a leash. With the help of Sue McKinney, owner of the Whole Dog Institute and Dog Fun Forever, Lou is learning to how to walk comfortably on a leash. We have not yet tested him with cats or kids but hope to do so soon.

Lou Come
Lou and Bit
Snuggle Boy Adoption Application
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