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Our Adoption Procedure

To adopt a dog, you will need to fill out an application and arrange for a volunteer to interview you in your home. You can apply by clicking on the Adoption Application button.

Our evaluation process stems from our desire that your new family member meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Our $225 adoption fee includes immunization. We also spay or neuter, unless the dog is deemed medically unfit for surgery.

"Activity Level" Categories

The following categories primarily refer to an individual dog's need for activity. Use them to locate listed dogs that fit your lifestyle and expectations. 

Available Dogs - Last Updated 25 April 16



Shep's previous owner was a kind man. He was approached by a breeder who convinced him to take his "one last puppy." The owner tried his best to provide a good home but eventually realized that his environment was not a good fit for this boy. When the owner was home and outdoors, Shep stayed close by his side, otherwise, he tended to roam. Shep had to be penned most of the time to protect him from the busy road and to keep him from getting into trouble.

Shep is a big boned, big hearted, gentle fellow. His breeding was probably not too precise. His head and size make him a little atypical of most working lines. The way he moves however is 100% Border Collie.

Since coming into foster care, Shep has been exposed to many new things. First was a ride in a car in a crate. He was a perfect gentleman, never made a sound, didn't scratch or try to claw his way out. He has since been crated many times and is just fine, he will sleep in one voluntarily.

Coming inside was a little traumatic for the Shepherd. The first few times, he had to be carried into the house. He had never been a house before. Once inside, it was difficult for him to settle down. He spent a lot of time pacing and panting, he was obviously uncomfortable. In less than a week, he was totally transformed! He loves being inside with his people and he is able to relax. The house is still one big toy box to him so he needs some supervision. His favorite toys are newspapers and magazines. He has never chewed furniture, shoes, or, the usual inappropriate items, but, he may devour your shopping list or carefully written thank-you note. His counter surfing has greatly diminished.

Shep is very good with other dogs. His loves his two hoodlum sisters who introduced him to the delicacy of paper products. They have taken him under their wing for better or worse!

Shep does not get on the furniture, does not jump up on people and takes treats ever so gently. He knows a few commands, sit before eating, "in the box," and come but is capable of a lot more. He is starting to show an interest in toys. He is still a work in progress. He is unsure of strangers and will bark a little but then approach for a sniff and allow petting. He will then follow the stranger around. He needs more exposure to new people. preferably, those bearing treats. Shep's ideal home would be as a constant companion. He is on the calmer side of the Border Collie Spectrum. He needs exercise but not an excessive amount. He would make the perfect hiking companion as he wants nothing more than to be by the side of his person.

Shep is being fostered in Durham, NC. For more information please contact Ann Miller:, 919.682.6125, (prior to 21:00 please).

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Pearl is a gem, if an unpolished one! This gorgeous, sensitive little girl is as sweet and loving as she is beautiful! Through no fault of hers, she's had three homes and little attention in any of them. She has come through with her gentle nature and eagerness to please intact, but is very shy. After just a couple of weeks in foster care she has made tremendous progress in all areas! She loves her foster family - humans and canines - and has settled well into a daily routine. She is discovering the joys of long walks, outdoor play -enjoying an occasional bout of "zoomies" with a huge doggy grin on her face, is learning some new commands, and has figured out the daily routine.

Pearl is 2 years old, healthy, spayed, up to date on shots and heartworm negative. She is a smaller girl at 33 pounds. She loves toys and affection, is becoming comfortable with a leash, is house trained and crate trained. Like any young border collie she needs daily exercise for both her body and mind, but she has an excellent "off" switch for down time in the house. She is good with dogs, not trustworthy with cats. She doesn't, at this point, enjoy rides in the car or walks in busy places. Hopefully those two pleasures could be developed.

Pearl needs a kind, patient, dog sensitive owner who will gradually introduce her to the joys of the larger world. She needs a calm, routine-centered home where she feels safe and loved and will not be overwhelmed. At this point she will do best in an adults only home, simply because the energy level is more moderate and predictable. A serious job would probably suit her very well and help distract her from her 'worries'. Since she is a young border collie, an apartment life might not offer enough stimulation.

This girl has the potential to be someone's "dog of a lifetime" but will require some time and attention to get there. Could you be her shining star? Pearl is currently being fostered in Saluda, NC. We are looking for a very specific adopter for this girl so please read the bio carefully to see if you could provide the best environment for this girl. If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Jan Daugherty at

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Ellis is feeling great now that all his medical problems have been treated. Ellis hasn't had a lot of joy in his life so it's nice to see that each new day gives him more happiness. He now has a smile on his face and his tail is always in motion.

Ellis is fearful of going new places and meeting new people. He has learned that he is safe at home and is finally starting to play with other dogs in the household and has allowed a couple of new people to come and hang out with him. He could live with or without other dogs but he might do best if he has a well socialized confident dog friend that will help him venture out more into the world. Ellis has shown strong interest in cats and is not yet trusted with free access to them. He loves to go on car rides and jumps right in the car. He loves to go walking and goes well in an Easy Walk harness.

Ellis enjoys chasing a tossed toy and will run wildly up and down with a ball or stuffed toy in his mouth. He does not constantly demand a game of fetch, but is always up for one.

It doesn't seem that Ellis had ever lived indoors before. When he arrived he did try to mark in some areas. Since that time he has been neutered and crated for some time while he was going through heartworm treatment. Now he enjoys complete freedom in the house and would be happy never to see the inside of a crate again (except for traveling -- he'll go right in a travel crate).

A home with fencing would be best for Ellis so that he may be able to experience the freedom of play with security.

Ellis loves attention and will sometimes push on you with his head to get attention. He has recently decided that he enjoys belly rubs and will allow those he trusts to scratch him. He needs someone who has the patience and understanding to deal with a dog that was likely abused in some way and takes time to trust. I think it really takes him a couple of weeks to decide if a person is "ok" or not. He could also benefit from basic training for confidence building. He seems to enjoy doing basic things like "sit" and "down" for treats and will readily learn new things for that person that he trusts. He does seem to bond with women more quickly than men but has adjusted to everyone here.

He doesn't fear things like thunder or sweepers. He has never shown any kind of aggression towards dogs or people. However, loud voices or swift movements may frighten him. Since he does enjoy getting attention and treats, I think he would progress even further out of his shell if his new parents will continue positive reinforcement basic training. Ellis has come a long way in his journey and you can see that he very much likes the life of a dog that is loved. He loves being close to people he knows and being indoors. Ellis will be a wonderful companion for someone who wants to help a dog blossom using patient caring and training.

If you would like to know more about Ellis please contact his foster mom by emailing Ellen at Ellis is currently being fostered in Pittsboro, NC.

Ellis walkin
Ellis in the grass
Ellis in the grass
Ellis in the grass
Ellis in the grass
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Sweep is a sweetheart. We call him Sweep, Sweeper, Pinecone Boy, Weed Eater, or Handsome. He is great at entertaining himself and us in the process. His favorite thing to do is watch the other dogs while shaking whatever he has in his mouth, a toy, a ball, a pine cone, a leaf, or a blade of grass. Because of this habit, it is best not to leave the Sweeper unattended in your flower garden. He is never without something in his mouth.

Sweep gets along very well with his large foster dog family. He is not much for playing with the other dogs, but can be enticed occasionally. He prefers to focus on one dog and watch that dog's every move, from a distance. He definitely has a few of the obsessive/compulsive characteristic of the breed. He will need a home with other dogs or someone to be with him most of the time.

When Sweep attended NCSU Veterinary Hospital's open house, he attracted kids of all ages with his gentle manner. He lay down, closed his eyes and seemed to fall asleep as group after group came by and stroked his hair and talked to him. The only concern with children is food. He allows adult humans to remove his food but this may be an issue with young children and he is not too gentle when taking treats although he is much better than when he first arrived in rescue.

Sweep was rescued from a SC shelter. When he entered the shelter, he had a puncture wound in his lower right leg and was limping. Initially, it was felt that the limp was due to this wound but after the wound healed, the limp persisted. Radiographs were taken and a dislocated elbow was discovered. Several veterinarians were consulted. The wound is an old one and the chance that surgery would successfully correct the problem is very small, might make it worse. An option is to amputate, but, right now, Sweep uses this leg, doesn't seem to be in pain, and isn't hindered in the least so we will leave it alone. In the future, he may require an amputation although he has not experience any deterioration in movement or use since he first entered foster care in February of 2013. He is capable of short walks and hikes but he is unable to be a running partner.

Sweep's recall has improved since he first arrived at his foster home, although, he is often "very busy," he will come as soon as he can. (His leg really hurts when he doesn't want to come!)

Sweep initiates most of the howling episodes in his foster home. His motivation is not always clear although the clothes dryer is sure to get him going.

Sweep will not be adopted to a home with an invisible fencing system or any other shock type training system.

Sweep is being fostered in Durham, NC. For more information please contact Ann Miller:, 919.682.6125, (prior to 21:00 please).

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Life at the end of a chain, is an awful way to live. After Fae had puppies at a very young age at the end of a chain. She was dumped in a kill shelter by her former owners, with her breasts still await her fate....She had developed a defense system to not let anyone touch her neck or head, she laid on the floor, not moving. Fae's foster mom took some peanut butter and put it on the end of a wooden spoon and slid it to her mouth on the floor. She studied it and after a short while she put her head forward and licked it.....we were headed home!

Fae already had the retina damage, which causes her to look like she is studying something, like a treat being offered or preparing to go out the door. She flourished in her foster home environment and her emotional wounds were healing. She was vetted, before this she never had any medical attention. And was also spayed.

Fae was adopted by a loving family, who didn't care that she wasn't a show dog. The children loved her and she them but it was not meant to be. After 3 years with her new loving family, the younger child developed serious problems with his immune system.

After taking shots, expensive medicines and still being ill the Dr. and Dad said Fae had to go. So they loaded up Fae with her favorite toy and teddy bear to go back to her CBCR foster mom. After a long tearful goodbye, I assured her that Fae would get the best care we could provide. Since then, Fae has remembered her foster mom, the house and most of the canine crew. She gets along with everyone, so there were no problems meeting new friends either.

Fae is very happy back at her CBCR foster home. She watches her canine siblings with lots of interest. But they are way too rowdy of a group for Fae. Fae is 7 yrs. old now and she is a laid back dog. She likes to nap on the bare floor and does trot in a broad circle when she is outside. But waiting to come inside with the group, she lays her head across her buddy's back. She really wags that bushy tail, she is a very happy girl.

Fae really would like some patient love that lets her study things and will let her play softly with her blanket and teddy. She has been to the eye specialist, she has pre-cataracts in her right eye along with retina damage. Her vision is severely compromised. Estimated cost to remove cataract and restore 80% of Fae's vision is around $3500.  CBCR is presently exploring ways to fund this necessary procedure.  Fae will be a happier girl when she can see and better navigate the world around her.

If you can provide Fae with a loving home environment, she will return your love ten-fold!

Fae is being fostered in Lincolnton, NC. If you have any questions or want further information, please contact Laura Mcswain at

Fae5 Adoption Application
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Hi All! My name is Sophie and has been since I was born on Feb 14th, 2009. I have been with the same family since I was a puppy. I ended up with animal control several times in my life due to all the temptations on the other side of the Invisible Fence. It's really not completely my fault, as, like many border collies, my drive to do something can lead me to trouble if the opportunity presents itself. Plus, you'd chase the squirrels too if you understand half of the horrible things they are saying to us all!

Now I live with a foster Mom and since I have been outdoors my entire life, I have been learning how to be a good canine citizen. I am a very happy girl and love every single person that I meet. I haven't tried to run away even once. But my foster Mom plays lots of games with me so I'm always eager to be near her in case she decides its time for another game.

My current foster Mom has been very stunned at my intelligence and ability to adapt so far. The first night in her house she told me to "get in the kennel". So, I got up and walked to the kennel. The second day at work, I was bugging her while she was trying to get work done and she told me "Go lay down, I gotta finish this". I then turned and laid on the bed she had out for me. She sat there staring at me and acted impressed. I think her standards are low, because to me, these are easy things. I am working on being house broken (very close!), working on learning to be happy in a crate, can sit, stay, shake, lay down, dance and come.

Initially I treated every command like it was a request. I'm a bit stubborn, but am learning that when my person says "Come" that it is a command and I'm learning to drop what I'm doing to follow through. I'm picking it up well because she's showing me that her ideas are better than my own and that I'm rewarded when I listen.

My foster Mom tells me I need to lose about 10 lbs, but I'm fairly active so this shouldn't be too hard.

My ideal home: I can live with all types of people, kids and adults. I have been seen to try to chase a car, so it is best if I either have a fenced in yard or a dedicated owner that doesn't let me roam outside alone. I prefer boy dogs if I had a sibling, but a non-alpha female is OK too. Cats are ok, but it would have to be the right cat or situation to learn to not chase them if they run. I am very social and have interacted well with the many people at my foster mom's work.

I am heartworm positive, so I am not yet available and my status will be changed when I'm finishing treatments! Check out the pictures of me dancing and loving life!

Sophie is being fostered in Durham, NC. Please contact Chris Robinson at with any questions.







Adoption Application
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Reb - Adoption Pending

Reb is a nice young border collie who does everything full throttle. He'll hug and cuddle as hard as he plays and works. Quite literally, this bc can sweep you off your feet if you're not prepared for one of his love-fests. While we appreciate his good heart and gusto, Reb is working on manners and patience. He's a very bright boy however, and we have no doubt he'll be an overachiever in obedience soon.

Reb came to us when good friends of CBCR heard that he was heading to a shelter near Winston Salem, NC. These good folks took Rebel in, bathed him, and called CBCR to get him placed in a foster home. We are so thankful that this nice young bc didn't have to spend time in the local shelter!

Reb is a very high energy dog and will need lots of mental and physical stimulation from his new forever home. He may be a good candidate for a sport or working home. Reb's parents were from working lines, and Reb will need a "job". He loves to play frisbee, and this has been a nice job for him temporarily in his foster home. He is still fairly active inside the house, but will "turn off" when crated. He doesn't mind the crate, but would prefer to be right beside his human if possible.

It seems Rebel was a man's dog. He loves men and responds well to them. He's a great, well-mannered car rider, and will even hop in the back of the truck for quick trips around the farm. However, he WILL CHASE CARS! Reb will need to go to a home with a solid fence where he is safe from this behavior. He was interested, but not overly so, in the indoor cat of his rescuers. While his foster home doesn't have any felines, it is our guess that if a feline were to run, Reb would chase.

Reb has a very friendly temperament with humans. Again, he can be a bit overly friendly and jump up when excited, so he may be too much for small children. He is good with other dogs, but as he's new to dog socialization, he may have more issues with males, and can be a bit stingy with toys. He has shown no evidence of food guarding from his people, but he will join you at the table for your meal if you're not careful. Training and manners should help with this.

Reb pulls on a leash big time, and can pose quite a challenge for his human on the other end. While more leash training should help this, I would not consider any leashed activity to be sufficient exercise for this bc. His recall is fairly good, especially when his human possesses a frisbee or ball, but more work could be done in this department as well. He could greatly benefit from a lie down or call-off from moving distractions.

Rev will be a wonderful addition to the right, bc savvy home. To learn more about this sweet, intense young border collie, please email Kimberly Busse at Reb is being fostered in Winston Salem, NC.

Rebel3 Adoption Application
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Sadie - Adoption Pending

Miss Sadie has a unique and long story. Sadie came from a very bad hoarding situation. She spent her entire life chained in a 5x5 pen outside until she was rescued. She ended up at NC State Vet School where she was having a disc herniation repair which caused by nothing but bad luck. After her surgery, she came into CBCR and her new foster home barely able to walk, with a 12 inch long incision with many staples. Sadie has made SO much progress since that time. She now walks normally and even has her pretty border collie prance back! Her long term prognosis for her back surgery is great and the expert neurologists at NC State think she will make a complete recovery with no long term negative side effects! She will continue to gain strength in her back legs and should be able to run and play like a normal dog in no time. Sadie will not be a good fit for any high impact sports or agility. Sadie is also heartworm positive, she will start treatment on April 11th and will need rest/calm environment while she goes through treatment.

Despite having an extremely tough life so far, she is the happiest little dog, she smiles when you come in the door and is just completely content to be around her people. Sadie is more of a laid back, lounge around dog but does need a little bit of exercise every day. She likes to go outside to smell around and look at the birds. Her foster mom thinks she would do great off lease as well because she is definitely a Velcro dog, doesn't want to be far from her person. She is also great around young children! Very gentle, patient, and well behaved. Despite living outside her entire life, she has never had an accident in the house and has never chewed, destroyed, or done anything bad while in the house. Her foster mom is always so surprised how great her manners are! Sadie does not prefer to spend time in the crate, she likes to be out during the day hanging with her foster sister or sleeping at her foster mom's feet. Sadie is used to sleeping in the crate at night, she will go the entire night without a peep. Though Sadie loves people of all sizes, she can be very wary around new dogs. Sadie loves her foster sister but can be aggressive towards new dogs until she has identified them as "safe".

Sadie's road to recovery is not quite over but she is such a sweet and lovable dog. She LOVES to have her neck scratched and anyone who gives her scratch will be her new favorite person. She has also learned to lay down, sit, and give paw. She loves to show off her "paw" trick (see picture below), she is very proud of it.

Sadie is a wonderful dog who REALLY deserves a chance at life with a great family. Sadie's foster mom will provide more updates as she goes through heartworm treatment this month. Sadie is being fostered in Raleigh, NC. Please contact Tegan Smith at or 336-978-8333 for more information about this lovebug!


Sadie post disc herniation surgery at NC State

Adoption Application
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Aly - Adoption Pending

Aly came to us from a shelter as an owner surrender. Unfortunately, we do not have any history on Aly. She was very frightened and not familiar with the "normal" surroundings and activities of being a part of a family and household. She is underweight and needs to gain some weight before being spayed which is scheduled at the end of April.

Aly is very sweet, playful dog and is full of personality. She loves being around her foster sister, Aly follows her around and learns from her. Aly would do best in a home with another dog. Aly has high energy when she first wakes up in the morning but after breakfast and a little bit of playtime she settles right down. Aly enjoys playing outside several times a day and loves long walks in the neighborhood or at a local park through wooded trails. This amount of activity seems to be sufficient exercise for her. She enjoys the frisbee and balls thrown but has not quite mastered catching a toy or bringing it back to you. She has not shown any herding activity. She gets tired in the evening and is ready for bed around 9pm and at times will put herself to bed in her crate. She sleeps through the night in her crate or in the bedroom without any difficulty and will wake around 5:30-7am.

Aly is now leash trained, does not pull and knows commands "sit" and "lay down". She is working on her "stay" command in lengthening her time. She continues to work on recall obedience. However, with a second dog in the home she sticks close by that dog and her foster family and has maintained off leash activity in the backyard without a fence. She is housebroken, crate trained, and travels well in the car. Aly has not shown any aggression towards people or children. However, she will "hockey check" you when she gets excited so at this time she would do well in a home with no small children. She does exhibit some resource guarding. She needs to be supervised just as any other puppy would. She does not chew on furniture but if there is an item of interest laying around she feels it is fair game. She will need continued training. She has not been around any cats so we are unsure of her reaction to them. She does not seem thunder phobic. She is still somewhat fearful of new situations, sudden movements, and loud noises.

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Snickers - Adoption Pending

Snickers is a 1 ½ year old tri colored border collie mix. He loves to play and is very loyal to his family. He will make a great dog for someone who likes to walk or hike. He has learned to "chase" a Frisbee or ball but still learning to bring it back. He knows the sit and down commands and working on stay. He is house broken and up to date on all shots and he was just neutered. He will be best with children over the age of 10 because of his high energy level.

Snicker's has Luxating Patella's in both hind legs. (Dislocated knee caps) It doesn't slow him down.He does not need surgery. He may or may not need surgery later in life. No way of telling now because he is very active. A dose of Cosequin each day will help tremendously. This is over the counter joint medication.

Snickers gets along well with other dogs and has learned to respect cats. He will bark at someone coming up to the door. He bark is bigger than his bite and bigger than he is !!

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Vonnie - Adoption Pending

Vonnie is a very energetic, smart, Border Collie pup that is looking for a forever home. He was found wandering in the road and was almost hit by a car around Christmas. He was very lucky to have been picked up by a very nice person who housed him, took him to the vet, and cared for him over the next month. She was unable to keep him and asked CBCR to help find him a home. He is currently being fostered in Raleigh, NC.

Vonnie was acquired by CBCR the weekend of the Super Bowl and was named after the MVP, Von Miller. Vonnie has proven to be extremely smart and trainable. He already knows how to sit, lay down, shake, is working on stay, fetch, and has very good recall. Initially, he was fearful of the car and now when asked will try to jump in on his own. He is kennel trained and knows the word "kennel." He wants to please and is very food and praise motivated. He loves other dogs and kids and has been well socialized. We are unsure how he is with cats because he does not live with any currently. Vonnie loves running and playing like any normal puppy. He also loves all types of toys and tends to hoard them and pile them up (it is very cute!) He will likely make a wonderful agility dog or family dog for an active family. As excited about life as he is, he also loves to be around people and snuggle.

Vonnie is a very special dog that is looking for someone who can accommodate an active high-drive puppy and continue his training.

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Independent foster dogs are NOT in the CBCR program. They are dogs that are being independently fostered by a current CBCR volunteer. They may be any breed or mix of dog, not just Border Collies. Please use the contacts at the end of each dog's biography to obtain more information about the dog and the procedure for adopting him/her.

CBCR does not warranty any of the information provided about the following dogs. Should any issues arise, CBCR will not be held responsible. Fees requested and policies may differ from CBCR.


Lou - Adoption Pending

Lou is one big loveable boy with an infectious exuberance and love of life. He thinks everyone, human or canine, is just dandy!

My dogs and I found Lou during a run in the woods. He was standing at a trail head right next to a busy road. Afraid that I would scare him into traffic, I crept back towards the woods but not before he saw us. He was ecstatic!! So happy to see someone, doing that crazy happy dog dance around me and my dogs. He followed us, but, was confounded by the first foot bridge. He watched us cross but stayed on the other side howling in distress. After lying down on a bridge and coaxing him forward, Lou quickly "got it." He had no trouble from that point on and followed us the 5 miles home.

Lou settled in right away making friends with all the resident dogs and finding his place in the pack.

After checking with the shelter and neighbors, it seemed that no one was looking for the "Big Headed Boy." Lou was extremely thin, had scratches on his face, infected eyes, and infected ears. All four of his foot pads were raw and bleeding. He is now neutered, in excellent health, and, at the perfect weight. He is possibly a mix of Boxer, Hound, and Pit.

Lou's favorite things are swimming, playing with his foster siblings, and snuggling. He is able to get his big body in the tiniest of places. He doesn't understand: "There's no room Lou!" He will find a way to fit even if it means defying the laws of physics. We also call him "close talker," a term coined in one episode of Seinfeld. He likes to be very close.

Don't let Lou's goofy demeanor fool you. He is one smart cookie who is very easy to train. Lou is full of potential and does his best to understand what is expected of him. He knows a few basic commands but is capable of so much more.

Lou is house trained, neutered, and up-to-date on all his vaccinations. He has shown some aversion to pressure on his neck while on a leash. With the help of Sue McKinney, owner of the Whole Dog Institute and Dog Fun Forever, Lou is learning to how to walk comfortably on a leash. We have not yet tested him with cats or kids but hope to do so soon.

Lou Come
Lou and Bit
Snuggle Boy Adoption Application
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