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Our Adoption Procedure

To adopt a dog, you will need to fill out an application and arrange for a volunteer to interview you in your home. You can apply by clicking on the Adoption Application button.

Our evaluation process stems from our desire that your new family member meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Our $225 adoption fee includes immunization. We also spay or neuter, unless the dog is deemed medically unfit for surgery.

"Activity Level" Categories

The following categories primarily refer to an individual dog's need for activity. Use them to locate listed dogs that fit your lifestyle and expectations. 

Available Dogs - Last Updated 22 May 15



Trip, a six month old, was rescued from a shelter in North Carolina. He had a rough beginning, after his people abandoned him by a pole at the side of a road. Trip sat there waiting for them to come back for him. Neighbors noticed him and on the second day brought him food and water and on the third day they called animal control. The officer noticed the spot he was in was dug out a little where he had been sitting for three days. That was April 2015.

He is such a sweet boy and is good and has no problems meeting and being with other dogs. He met my cat, was curious and sniffed him, but showed little interest in him after meeting him. He is crate trained and sleeps all night without a peep. He walks on a leash, knows sit, go pottie, and outside. His come command is weak but coming along. So far has had not one accident in the house. He figured out the dog door and uses it, whined once to go out when the dog door was closed. He has problems with certain noises like the vacuum or my electric garage opener - that noise scared him a bit. He has heard gunshots but had no reaction. I figure his previous home did not allow the pups in the house, so he is very unfamiliar with typical household noises.

Because of his earlier trauma of abandonment, he does not like to get too far away from you when he is outside with you. I take all my dogs for a run in the front pasture. They love to run and stretch their legs. Trip was excited to go out there, but would not run, he would go about 5 feet away and return. This need to be with you seemed to be greater in the bigger space of the pasture, but not as great when in the smaller yard. I think this fear will decrease as he grows and is secure in a loving forever home.

He has tons of energy and is extremely smart. He retrieves and loves to chase the ball and brings it right back. He does need to be exposed more to the outside world which will be happening in the next few days. He should make a good sports dog, but I am holding that judgment until I see how he reacts to being away from home and meeting new people and other dogs.

All and all he is a very, very handsome and loving dog. He has such a puppy face. He will need an active home even if it is not in dogs sports. I will know more about him in the days to come. He is being fostered in Maiden, NC email Sharon at for more information.

Trip sitting
Trip standing, left side
Trip sitting, tongue out Adoption Application
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Three beautiful happy puppies from the same litter:
Two Girls and a Boy.


These are happy, exuberant, healthy puppies ready to be separated and go to a new home. They figured out the doggie door to come inside in one day (a record). They are not yet fully housebroken, but are almost there. A couple of weeks in their crates at night should do the trick. They ride well in the car in a crate, with no car sickness. They come when called, and love to chase toys. They are too young to be in a household with small children, and should be signed up for a puppy class soon. They have not been with cats, and would recommend a careful introduction for their safety.



I named her after Brieene in Game of Thrones because she is much bigger than the other two. She is very playful and doesn’t hesitate to "mix it up" with my Sheltie who is her favorite playmate. Her beautiful tan markings make her eyes stand out. She loves sitting in my lap at the end of the day.

Brienne is currently fostered in Durham, NC. She will be available for adoption at the end of May, once she has her second set of shots. For more information on Brienne, please email Judy at

Brienna sitting in the grass
Brienne hiding in the grass Adoption Application
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Staying with the Game of Thrones theme, she is the smallest, but doesn’t let the others intimidate her. She is active, playful, but very sweet and loves to cuddle. She was the first to solve the puzzle of the doggie door. She loves to play with the other dogs and runs after them gleefully.

Arya is currently fostered in Durham, NC. She will be available for adoption at the end of May, once she has her second set of shots. For more information on Arya, please email Judy at

Arya in the grass
Arya and Brienne Adoption Application
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This little boy is adventurous and eager to explore his surroundings. Like his sisters he is bold, buoyant, and loves to play. He is like his sisters in that he comes running in from the outside, thinks all the other dogs are his playmates, and loves to cuddle at the end of the day. He likes his cuddle time to be short because there are new adventures to be had.

Bran is currently fostered in Durham, NC. He will be available for adoption at the end of May, once he has his second set of shots. For more information on Bran, please email Judy at

Bran in the grass
Arya and Bran Adoption Application
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Lily - Adoption Pending

Looking for a little extra charm?

Meet Lily. This sweet Border Collie mix is around 5 months old. She is super sweet and loving – but not overly needy. She has the Border Collie wits but at the same time she is completely ready to lay down beside you for some relaxation. Miss Lily is eager to please and picks things up quickly in exchange for treats or a little lovin’. She is learning the basic commands (sit, down, come) and coming along with potty training. She was a little nervous about crating when she arrived, but she is beginning to learn that her crate can be a comfy place. She has just a little separation anxiety. I can hear her whimper when we leave. But she calms quickly in her crate and the length of time is shorter. I think she will outgrow this completely once she is totally at home in her environment and has an established routine.

Lily is a calm and gentle girl. She does enjoy play but reserves ruff housing for other dogs. She has excellent body language when meeting new dogs. So far, she seems to get along with everyone she meets, whether they have two or four legs, short or tall. When she first arrived she was slightly shy when meeting new people but she is getting out and about and you can just watch her confidence grow. She hasn’t shown any destructive or OCD tendencies except for that mean old toilet paper roll. She quickly forgets about that with a moderate level of play and plenty of toys.

Lily has already shown an aptitude for agility. She is practicing on the wobble board, running through tunnels and walking a ground level walkway. She seems eager to learn and truly enjoys any activity. She enjoys going on walks, rides well in the car and is very social girl. She would be great for an active person who wants to take their dog everywhere or someone who just wants to hang out around the house and do a few tricks. She is just an overall great companion – seemingly the perfect puppy. Lilly will grow up to be a wonderful dog for someone with lots of love to give.

Lily is currently fostered in Charlotte, NC. She has been recently spayed and working on getting all her puppy shots. As long as she is here, we will continue socialization and basic training. If you are interested in Lily, please fill out an application on our website or email Michelle at

Lily standing
Lily sitting
Lily sitting left side
Lily with roses
Lily doing agility
Adoption Application
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Gabby - Adoption Pending

Gabby came out of a shelter in South Carolina. She is extremely sweet and loves to cuddle. She loves to be with you and will lay at my feet or sometimes she will climb up in my lap for some hugs. She will be the type of dog who wants to keep you her sight at all times. Has ball drive, but does not understand what a Frisbee is for other then to chew on. Too early to tell yet what sport she would excel at but given a chance I think she would be great at whatever you introduced her to. She is also extremely smart and a fast learner. Walks on a leash, knows sit and come. Go pottie, go outside and loves Good girl. Go to bed we are working on. No is also in her vocabulary. So far has no issues with car rides. Only experience so far with me is the trip she made when I picked her up. And she was quiet and did not get car sick.

Gets along great with all of my dogs from a rat terrier border collies to a Pyrenees and has no aggressive tendency toward my cat. Would like to play with him, but he does not approve of dog/cat friendships. She also seems to hit it off immediately with women. Her first introduction to my husband was met with a guarded bark. He kept talking to her and she went to him within a couple minutes. So more exposure to men would help and is on our to do list. Now when he comes home she greets him like he has been gone for ages. I have no idea about children yet but really can see no issue with her sweetness.

Gabby is crate trained, goes in right now willingly if motivated by a treat. She also eats in her crate so she is learning fast that it is a good place to be. She will fuss a bit when you put her in her crate for the night but if you ignore her she will settle down and go to sleep. Also applies when I put them up while we eat. Once she is in for the night, I do have to get up very early in the morning to let her out. She will let you know she needs out. Gabby will head right to the door, do her business and come right back in. I give her a treat to go in her crate and then there is not a peep until I get up in the morning.

She is almost house broken. I have a dog door so she lets herself in and out as she needs. When in her crate and I let her out she will go immediately out. Before she discovered the dog door she would head to the door to go out. But when she is playing you have to make sure you get her outside as soon as she stops.

Gabby should be available later this month. She is being fostered in Maiden, NC. If you would like further information on Gabby, email Sharon at

Gabby standing
Smiling Gabby Adoption Application
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Let’s go for a walk! Stormy is a sweet, low to medium energy girl who is approximately 6 years old. Her owner passed away after a year-long illness and Stormy was turned into the county animal shelter. She is a great, friendly, easy going girl. She just goes with the flow. She is good with people, dogs and cats. She is house trained, crate trained, and up-to-date on her shots.

Her photos show that she has been overfed and under exercised and needs to lose about 20 pounds. But you know what? She is remarkably spry, even with that extra weight. She loves, loves, loves to go for a walk. She will jump around and dance when she sees you get out the leash. She currently goes for an hour walk in the morning (about 2.5 - 3 miles) and a 5-20 minute walk at night. She would go for more walks if she could and anytime she is outside and we go to the gate, she is right there wanting to go for a another walk.

Toys are not her thing, yet. We have seen her play with them for short periods of time and she may even chase a ball in the future once she looses some weight.

This happy-go-lucky girl is going to be a great companion for someone. She needs someone who is committed to helping her loose that excess weight. That means monitoring her food intake and daily walks - in the rain, in the heat, in the cold. But the reward is going to be a loyal companion that will go everywhere with you. Oh, and once she loses the weight, she is going to be stunning too! What more could you ask for?

Stormy is being fostered in Chatham County NC. If you would like further information on Stormy, email DeeDee at

Stormy on the carpet
Stormy head down on the carpet
Stormy lying on the carpet
Stormy outside
Stormy hears something Adoption Application
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Peg is a stunningly beautiful purebred senior Border Collie who needs a kind, understanding person to give her a loving home for her retirement. Peg has been well cared for all her life, but her elderly owner is now terminally ill and can no longer care for herself or for Peg. Peg is sweet and gentle, good with other dogs and people (probably fine with cats too), housetrained and calm. She is 14 years old, somewhat overweight and has arthritis, so she needs a single-level living space with easy access to outdoors. She can still get up without assistance, but only if she is on a rug or carpeted area, so a home with carpet would be best.

Peg is up to date, healthy for her age (aside from the arthritis), well groomed, good on a leash, enjoys brief walks but can't go too far. She is very sad right now, having lost her owner and her home, but hopefully will perk up a bit once she is resettled. She was in temporary foster care for two weeks, and has been in regular foster for about a week. In the right circumstances, as described above, she will be a very low maintenance girl and so deserves to live out the rest of her good quality life in comfort and love. Peg is a big girl. Though somewhat overweight, the ideal weight for her frame would be about 65 pounds. Larger dogs generally have shorter life spans, so it is likely Peg will only be with us for a few months to a couple of years.

The foster would happily transport Peg some distance if the right home presented itself. We are hoping to find a gentle angel to give this dear girl a wonderful life for as long as she can enjoy it. Peg is being fostered in the Asheville NC area. For more information on Peg, please email Jan at

Peg sleeping, tongue out
Peg at Robin's
Peg standing on the grass
Peg sleeping, side shot Adoption Application
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Electra - Adoption Pending

Electra is from the same litter as Taser (now Casey). They were pulled from a shelter in central NC. The Animal Control Officer who brought them said that he had been called by a lady who found a box of puppies on his porch. There were four originally and the other two were adopted from the shelter. He said the litter showed strong herding behavior and the others looked like Border Collies. She is all black and appears to have German Shepherd in her.

Electra plays well with my other dogs (4 shelties and a lab cattle dog cross) who have taught her appropriate play behavior with dogs. I have not seen her with cats. She is still learning bite inhibition and impulse control. She is learning how to be quiet in her crate. She is very reliable in the house and uses the doggie door to go out and potty. She is starting to work on her sit, and is learning to not jump up on people, but that is still a work in progress. She is learning to come when she is called. She is learning to walk on a leash and to meet new people and other dogs appropriately. She is frightened of traffic. She is crate trained and rides well in her crate in a vehicle. She is not high energy.

I anticipate that she will be ready for adoption toward the end of April depending on how she does at the mall and at events I am taking her to. She started out extremely reactive to other dogs, and fearful in new situations, but has shown remarkable improvement in a couple of weeks. I will have her with me at the Noseworks trial in Charlottesville on April 10 and at the USDAA agility trial at Snow Camp NC April 17-19.

Electra is being fostered in Durham. NC. For more information on Electra, please email Judy at

Electra with empty bottle
Electra in her bed
Electra outside Adoption Application
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Bailey is a pretty red and white five year old who weighs only 27 pounds. She traveled very nicely in the car from the shelter to her foster home. She is an easy foster and barks at a presence at the front door, including the wind. She is sweet and clingy but easily directed ("Sit" "Lie down here" "Go Away" "Go Outside" "Go Potty!"). Bailey is improving on leash, walking in a Freedom harness, and is house-trained. She even ignores the resident cat!!

As time has gone on and we have learned more about Bailey, we have found her to be persistently “growly” in the presence of other dogs. This is in the interest of maintaining her relationship with her chosen person. She has been corrected in this behavior multiple times without great success. Other dogs, including two young puppies here for a weekend, tend to ignore her, which ultimately results in a fairly peaceful co-existence. Bailey has recently condescended to join her foster’s personal Border Collie in barking at squirrels, people on the road, people at the door, and the occasional imaginary threat. There is a chance that, down the road, Bailey will consider playing with another dog. But I wouldn’t count on that.

Bailey easily came through the removal of 5 lower teeth and a spay surgery and has started a month-long course of Doxycillin. This will be followed by a vigorous, day-long Heartworm treatment, after which she must be kept quiet for a good long period of time. I suspect that Bailey will take full advantage of her convalescence by doing what she already does: staying as close as possible to her people.

For more information about Bailey, email Ellen Pearson in Pittsboro, NC at or call 919 933 9184.

Bailey standing
Bailey with her head turned
Bailey standing facing camera
Adoption Application
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Important: Mattie will not be adopted to a household with a dog or a cat. She also needs a yard with at least a 6 foot sturdy fence.

Mattie has been waiting for a home to call her own for almost two years. CBCR rescued Mattie from an overcrowded shelter in SC. She was emaciated and her neck and paws were wounded scabs. She is now a beautiful, approximately four-year old, blue merle Border Collie. Mattie has been residing in a training and boarding facility for over a year now due to the fact that she has been overlooked for adoption because she needs to be the only animal in the household. But Mattie absolutely adores people and we know that she desperately wants and deserves her own family to love.

Mattie is loving, gentle and trusting with people. She is extremely smart and a quick learner and she loves to play. When Mattie was in a foster home she was extremely well behaved and completely house broken. She did not need to be crated. Although Mattie will not be able to live with other animals due to reactivity, she has undergone extensive professional training at the facility where she lives and she’s been trained to walk politely past other dogs on a Gentle Leader and her reactivity is under control on leash. Mattie needs a family who is prepared to still be active with her and has a tall (6 ft), sturdy fence. Mattie is athletic and would love to do Frisbee or agility for fun and mental and physical stimulation. She of course knows all the basic: sit, down, stay, come when called and walk on loose leash. This girl LOVES, LOVES her people and we know that right family is out there. We’re not giving up on Mattie’s dream to have her own family to love.

Mattie is currently an In-Board Scholar at Teamworks Dog Training in Youngsville, NC. For more information please contact Michele at

Mattie face shot   Mattie left side of face

Mattie sitting   Mattie laying on the floor

Important: Mattie will not be adopted to a household with a dog or a cat. She also needs a yard with at least a 6 foot sturdy fence.

Adoption Application
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He is such a sweetheart that the Crossroads Veterinary Hospital technicians want to change this handsome boy’s name to Sweet. We call him Sweep, Sweeper, Pinecone Boy, Weed Eater, or Handsome. He is great at entertaining himself and us in the process. His favorite thing to do is watch the other dogs and shake a pinecone in his mouth. Occasionally he will leave his post and race over to a tree, jump up and grab a leaf. He is never without something in his mouth.

Sweep gets along very well with his large foster dog family but he is a little possessive of his food. Although he is not much for playing with the other dogs, he can be enticed occasionally. He prefers to focus on one dog and watch that dog’s every move, from a distance. He definitely has the obsessive/compulsive characteristic of the breed. Because of this trait, he will need a home that has the time to refocus his attention to more productive endeavors.

UPDATE: After several months in his foster home, Sweep has begun initiating play with several of his foster siblings. He is enjoying this new dimension of life!

When Sweep attended NCSU Veterinary Hospital’s open house, he attracted kids of all ages with his gentle manner. He lay down, closed his eyes and seemed to fall asleep as group after group came by and stroked his hair and talked to him. Because of his food possessiveness, he would need to be watched around children with food. He allows adult humans to remove his food but this may be an issue with young children.

Sweep was rescued from a SC shelter. When he entered the shelter, he had a puncture wound in his lower right leg and was limping. Initially, it was felt that the limp was due to this wound but after the wound healed, the limp persisted. Radiographs were taken and a dislocated elbow was discovered. Several veterinarians were consulted. The wound is an old one and the chance that surgery would successfully correct the problem is very small, might make it worse. An option is to amputate, but, right now, Sweep uses this leg, doesn't seem to be in pain, and isn’t hindered in the least so we will leave it alone. In the future, he may require an amputation.

Sweep’s recall has improved since he first arrived at his foster home. It seems that, in his past, coming when called did not lead to a good time. He now will come to us spontaneously just to say hello.

Sweep will not be adopted to a home with an invisible fencing system or any other shock type training system.

Sweep is being fostered in Durham, NC. If you are interested in this sweet boy who will serenade your clothes dryer, please contact Ann Miller for more information: or 919.682.6125, (prior to 21:00 please).

Sweep with daffodils

Sweep right side    Sweep left side

Adoption Application
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Maverick sitting

Maverick - Available to experienced Border Collie owners

Maverick has done extremely well with his behavior modification training and is now accepting unfamiliar people much more easily. We are thrilled to see his progress. He has also become an extremely affectionate dog. Maverick is still only available to experienced owners that would commit to continuing with his training, but we are now much more confident that he will succeed with the right family.

Maverick is a purebred, ABCA-registered border collie who was surrendered to CBCR by his owners due to their lack of time to properly train/exercise him as well as his behavioral issues. Maverick is certainly not a dog for everyone. He is an extremely high-drive border collie (one may call him hyper), and is as intense as border collies can possibly get. He is obsessed with his ball, he'd play 24/7 if you let him) and also with herding his canine siblings (needless to say, to their discontent). At the same time, he is very insecure around people, and due to various reasons does not trust people outside of his immediate family. When he sees a "stranger," he reacts by barking, lunging and showing teeth, which can look pretty scary. By acting this way - most likely out of fear and insecurity - he only wishes to get away from something that scares him most (that is, new people).

Being so reactive towards people, it is almost shocking how good and affectionate he is towards "his" people, that is, his foster parents. He loves to be petted, would nudge your hand to get your attention and would lick your face before you fall asleep at night. Maverick responds to basic commands like "sit," "down," "come," "drop the ball," "go to bed." He will maintain a nice "stay" and will release on command. He is also mastering mat work and figuring out how to properly work with his foster parents during training sessions. A professional dog trainer has started Maverick on a behavior modification program and Maverick has actually made some good progress towards becoming less reactive to some of his triggers. However, he still has ways to go.

Maverick cannot be adopted to families with children or families that plan to have children; he would also not do well with someone who will spend only a couple of hours per day with him. Maverick requires lots of consistent, day-to-day exercise and his future family must commit to continuing with his behavior modification training.

We strongly believe that despite all the challenges, Maverick is 100% worth all the effort. There's a great dog behind his fearfulness and reactivity, and we just need to help bring this dog out. Besides that, nothing can feel better than see him stop playing with his ball, run towards you, give you a quick kiss on your face and run back to whatever he was busy with. Like this is his way of saying I can be really, really good - just give me a chance.

Maverick has been neutered, is up to date on vaccinations, crate and house-trained.

Maverick is being fostered in Cedar Grove, NC. If If interested in adopting this handsome, energetic guy, please contact Maverick's foster parents at with any questions.


Maverick with ball    Maverick sitting2

Adoption Application
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Independent foster dogs are NOT in the CBCR program. They are dogs that are being independently fostered by a current CBCR volunteer. They may be any breed or mix of dog, not just Border Collies. Please use the contacts at the end of each dog's biography to obtain more information about the dog and the procedure for adopting him/her.

CBCR does not warranty any of the information provided about the following dogs. Should any issues arise, CBCR will not be held responsible. Fees requested and policies may differ from CBCR.

There are currently no Independent Fosters.

For more great dogs looking for homes, click here to visit our Courtesy Listing page.

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