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Our Adoption Procedure

To adopt a dog, you will need to fill out an application and arrange for a volunteer to interview you in your home. You can apply by clicking on the Adoption Application button.

Our evaluation process stems from our desire that your new family member meet your expectations as closely as possible.

Our $225 adoption fee includes immunization. We also spay or neuter, unless the dog is deemed medically unfit for surgery.

"Activity Level" Categories

The following categories primarily refer to an individual dog's need for activity. Use them to locate listed dogs that fit your lifestyle and expectations. 

Available Dogs - Last Updated 1 Sep 15



Shelby was rescued from a NC county shelter. She was picked up as a stray. Shelby is a very active little girl. I believe her to be part Border Collie and definitely part terrier. I would say that terrier is Jack Russell or Rat terrier. Right now she has the idea that terriers rule. Her size means nothing. She will while sitting on your lap try to protect you from any intruder of the dog variety. She uses her border collie instincts to herd any dog wanting attention by getting between you and the other dog and using her body to push them away. If that does not work she will growl or bark at them. We are working on changing this behavior, but some of it may remain just because of the characteristics of the breeds. She is very athletic and can jump tall buildings. So far I have seen a 4 ft jump between chair and couch. Loves a ball and is learning to retrieve, also a tug is fun for her. Very smart also, is not afraid of any of my dogs big or small. She likes my cat but can't figure out why it won't play her, so she will lay on her tummy either whining or barking and then jumping on him not to hurt him but to get him to play. My cat just sits there and let her to what she wants. If he was threatened he would handle it. She just considers him another playmate. She is still figuring out each of my dogs and reacts to each in a different way. She also love all people, I think she would be fine with children also.

Shelby has not had an accident in the house since I have had her. She is pretty predictable on when she needs to go out. As soon as she comes out of her crate, after a nap, after playing and after food we go out and she will do her business. She is learning what pottie means. At night she sleeps in a crate next to my bed. She will fuss for a couple minutes but will settle down and sleep all night. If she does need to go pottie she will let you know. Take her out and put her back and she is fine. Also rides in the car with no stress, jut lays down and you don't hear a pip. Being a pup you do have to watch that she does not trade her toys for something that she should not chew. Left in a room with none of her own toys she will look for something she can chew.

She is very high intense active dog that although she loves to cuddle and be with you, she will need a sport home to redirect all this energy. As a companion with a dog sport home she will be perfect, but without that she will be bored and that leads to destruction of property and an unhappy pup. So I am looking for a sport home for her.

Shelby is being fostered in Maiden, NC. For further information on Shelby, contact Sharon at

Shelby standing on the grass
Shelby standing on the dirt
Shelby carrying a toy
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Callie is a smaller, playful sweetheart. She was pulled from a shelter in August and is learning to trust one day at the time.

She's house trained and is learning basic commands. She's a very fast learner and eager to please. She's great in a crate and on car rides. Callie is very good with all dogs but has a strong prey drive which can overwhelm some smaller dogs. With proper introduction she understands quickly how to be friends with all sizes of fur friends though. We will test how she interacts with cats soon.

Callie is very, very loving and is happiest when she can be right there with you. If you don't want a cuddler, this dog is not for you. Callie loves, loves, loves children and a family with kids would be a preferred home for her.

Callie is heart worm positive and is under treatment right now. She will need someone that is patient and will nurse her back to perfect health once this strenuous treatment is behind her. Callie will be available for adoption in late November but you can meet her right away if you think she can be your new companion!

Callie is being fostered in Burlington, NC. For more information email Daniela at

Callie during de-shedding
Callie scratching
Callie sniffing
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Teach is a sweet-natured, people-oriented dog that enjoys human company and likes to go for long walks (he is very good on leash). Teach craves human attention and is always ready to roll over for a good belly rub.

Teach is blind, but is able to adjust to new environments extremely well. It took him just one day to figure out his foster home’s layout, and he is now mastering the stairs into the backyard. The cause of Teach’s blindness is not yet known (but will be investigated by the vet), but we believe that he may still have some vision in his right eye. In any case, he does very well after he investigates new surroundings, and is able to navigate inside the house with no problem. Additionally, his ability to sniff seems to be 100 times stronger than that of the dogs with normal eyesight, so he uses his nose a lot to get him where he wants to go. (He would make an excellent nosework or tracking dog if someone was interested in training him.)

Teach mostly ignores nine other dogs that live with him at his foster home, but does run with them when they chase balls or each other. During these times of play, Teach gets very excited, runs hard to follow other dogs, and barks in a very silly manner. He is funny to watch.

Teach would make a loyal companion for someone who is looking for a border collie that is not too hyper, but relatively active. He would do well with another dog or as a solo dog, provided that his humans give him lots of attention and appropriate daily exercise.

Teach is being fostered in Cedar Grove, NC. He is heartworm-negative, up to date on all appropriate vaccinations, and has been neutered. Please contact his foster parents at with any questions about this beautiful boy.

Teach using his nose

Teach serious dog    Teach happy dog

Adoption Application
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Pete is a very handsome Border Collie that just wants to hang around with you inside the house. He likes to lay with you first, up close to your head and then he will lie at your feet...or on the floor, underneath the ceiling fan. He prefers a cool spot. He is just an easy going companion, not your typical Border Collie. He really is a bit of a couch potato! He prefers to be inside, even if you are outside.

While he gets along with the dogs at his foster home, he really doesn't pay them any attention. If you are looking for a companion for a dog you already own, Pete is not the right dog. He also is not big on playing with toys. Pete knows "sit" and walks well on a leash. He is also crate trained.

Pete has some food allergies that have caused some skin issues. Now that his allergies have been identified, his skin is improving. He is allergic to chicken and egg products. He also cannot have beef and chew bones based on beef or peanut butter. He has thrived on Salmon and Rice or Lamb and Rice dry food, along with some fish oil capsules. He likes sardines, rice, and canned salmon too. For a treat he enjoys some cooked sweet potato scooped out and put into a Kong and then put in the freezer. The cooked sweet potato takes the place of peanut butter.

He also likes to jump up straight like a spring, but who can blame him for being so happy now that he feels better. He still needs some patience when riding in a car - he tends to drool. He is also thunder phobic.

Pete is a real sweetie pie, so if you need a big old baby, Pete is your guy. Pete is being fostered in Lincolnton, NC. For more information on Pete, please contact Laura by sending an email to or a text to 980-241-7474.

Pete profile
Pete standing
Pete by the door
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Cooper Joe

Cooper Joe (aka Joe)

Cooper Joe is an athletic, lean looking dog with a semi-rough coat. He is black and white with just enough brown to make him very visible. He hasn't spent much time indoors before his foster home, so fans, the dishwasher and other inside noises are still new and to be explored. He is now housebroken and has not had one mistake in the house. He is a little strong in his leash walking, but he is improving. He does get carsick, so he needs to go for more rides to get him used to the motion of a vehicle.

He is selective in the dogs he will get along with. He prefers females and non-aggressive males. He loves to play and wrestle with the smaller, female dogs in his foster home. However, he does not like it when they bark! We still haven't checked him out with cats, but we will soon. The one time he saw a cat, he just ignored it.

Joe is a snuggle bug at night on the bed with a crowd or on the floor. He does like to chew his toys and he will gather them up and sleep amongst them with his feet in the air.

He is good about eating his food and has not turned away from anything yet. He takes his fish oil capsules well also. He doesn't seem to mind the stormy weather. Since he is an active, sporty type dog, he needs a bit of attention. He would do well with older children rather than toddlers.

Cooper Joe is being fostered in Lincolnton, NC. For more information on Pete, please contact Laura by sending an email to or a text to 980-241-7474.

Cooper Joe sitting
Cooper Joe on rug
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He is such a sweetheart that the Crossroads Veterinary Hospital technicians want to change this handsome boy’s name to Sweet. We call him Sweep, Sweeper, Pinecone Boy, Weed Eater, or Handsome. He is great at entertaining himself and us in the process. His favorite thing to do is watch the other dogs and shake a pinecone in his mouth. Occasionally he will leave his post and race over to a tree, jump up and grab a leaf. He is never without something in his mouth.

Sweep gets along very well with his large foster dog family but he is a little possessive of his food. Although he is not much for playing with the other dogs, he can be enticed occasionally. He prefers to focus on one dog and watch that dog’s every move, from a distance. He definitely has the obsessive/compulsive characteristic of the breed. Because of this trait, he will need a home that has the time to refocus his attention to more productive endeavors.

UPDATE: After several months in his foster home, Sweep has begun initiating play with several of his foster siblings. He is enjoying this new dimension of life!

When Sweep attended NCSU Veterinary Hospital’s open house, he attracted kids of all ages with his gentle manner. He lay down, closed his eyes and seemed to fall asleep as group after group came by and stroked his hair and talked to him. Because of his food possessiveness, he would need to be watched around children with food. He allows adult humans to remove his food but this may be an issue with young children.

Sweep was rescued from a SC shelter. When he entered the shelter, he had a puncture wound in his lower right leg and was limping. Initially, it was felt that the limp was due to this wound but after the wound healed, the limp persisted. Radiographs were taken and a dislocated elbow was discovered. Several veterinarians were consulted. The wound is an old one and the chance that surgery would successfully correct the problem is very small, might make it worse. An option is to amputate, but, right now, Sweep uses this leg, doesn't seem to be in pain, and isn’t hindered in the least so we will leave it alone. In the future, he may require an amputation.

Sweep’s recall has improved since he first arrived at his foster home. It seems that, in his past, coming when called did not lead to a good time. He now will come to us spontaneously just to say hello.

Sweep will not be adopted to a home with an invisible fencing system or any other shock type training system.

Sweep is being fostered in Durham, NC. If you are interested in this sweet boy who will serenade your clothes dryer, please contact Ann Miller for more information: or 919.682.6125, (prior to 21:00 please).

Sweep with daffodils

Sweep right side    Sweep left side

Adoption Application
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Maverick sitting

Maverick - Available to experienced Border Collie owners

Maverick has done extremely well with his behavior modification training and is now accepting unfamiliar people much more easily. We are thrilled to see his progress. He has also become an extremely affectionate dog. Maverick is still only available to experienced owners that would commit to continuing with his training, but we are now much more confident that he will succeed with the right family.

Maverick is a purebred, ABCA-registered border collie who was surrendered to CBCR by his owners due to their lack of time to properly train/exercise him as well as his behavioral issues. Maverick is certainly not a dog for everyone. He is an extremely high-drive border collie (one may call him hyper), and is as intense as border collies can possibly get. He is obsessed with his ball, he'd play 24/7 if you let him) and also with herding his canine siblings (needless to say, to their discontent). At the same time, he is very insecure around people, and due to various reasons does not trust people outside of his immediate family. When he sees a "stranger," he reacts by barking, lunging and showing teeth, which can look pretty scary. By acting this way - most likely out of fear and insecurity - he only wishes to get away from something that scares him most (that is, new people).

Being so reactive towards people, it is almost shocking how good and affectionate he is towards "his" people, that is, his foster parents. He loves to be petted, would nudge your hand to get your attention and would lick your face before you fall asleep at night. Maverick responds to basic commands like "sit," "down," "come," "drop the ball," "go to bed." He will maintain a nice "stay" and will release on command. He is also mastering mat work and figuring out how to properly work with his foster parents during training sessions. A professional dog trainer has started Maverick on a behavior modification program and Maverick has actually made some good progress towards becoming less reactive to some of his triggers. However, he still has ways to go.

Maverick cannot be adopted to families with children or families that plan to have children; he would also not do well with someone who will spend only a couple of hours per day with him. Maverick requires lots of consistent, day-to-day exercise and his future family must commit to continuing with his behavior modification training.

We strongly believe that despite all the challenges, Maverick is 100% worth all the effort. There's a great dog behind his fearfulness and reactivity, and we just need to help bring this dog out. Besides that, nothing can feel better than see him stop playing with his ball, run towards you, give you a quick kiss on your face and run back to whatever he was busy with. Like this is his way of saying I can be really, really good - just give me a chance.

Maverick has been neutered, is up to date on vaccinations, crate and house-trained.

Maverick is being fostered in Cedar Grove, NC. If If interested in adopting this handsome, energetic guy, please contact Maverick's foster parents at with any questions.


Maverick with ball    Maverick sitting2

Adoption Application
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Ellis - Temporarily Unavailable

Meet Ellis. Ellis is a gentle soul. He was reported to us as a Border Collie mix but I have some suspicions that he has a lot of Aussie mixed in there. He has the little hair tufts on his rear legs and the cute folded ears. Either way, we all agree this boy is all herder. Ellis came to us with a few medical problems so he will need to kick back and relax awhile before he is available. Ellis has no vision in his left eye. The vet says that the loss of his eye is likely due to a congenital defect. Ellis seems unaffected by this. He has been treated for fleas, low body weight, a bladder infection, an ear infection and will be treated for heartworms. His heartworms have been assessed as a low burden infection and he has no cough so he should come through with flying colors.

Ellis is a playful and active boy. His herding smarts really show through. He uses his front paws to move things and solve problems. It does seem that Ellis probably lived on a chain before we met. He does some circling when walking on lead and demonstrates excellent acrobatics at managing stepping over and around his lead. Ellis probably didn’t get to live indoors or play with toys much so he is trying to learn all the things that we humans like and also the things that make play fun. You can see him watching doggy playtime and trying to figure out how to join into the fun. He gets along with other dogs and readily tugs with his foster siblings but has not yet mastered any kind of retrieve or the return of toys yet.

Ellis is temporarily unavailable for adoption due to his heartworm positive status. He will be treated for the heartworms and should be ready for adoption once he has finished the treatment, which will be in early fall. Over the next few weeks, we will be updating you on Ellis’s progress and give new insight to his personality. He is feeling better and happier each day and I know he be a wonderful loving friend for someone.

Ellis in the grass Adoption Application
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Leia - Temporarily Unavailable

Leia is a small Border Collie, around 27 pounds. She has been spayed and is up to date on all shots and preventatives. She is a VERY nervous and anxious dog; fearful of people. We believe she lived in the wild for an unknown period of time. Household items such as furniture, crown moulding, light fixtures, television shows, etc., all cause anxiety and flight at various times. She will JUMP onto objects with ease (hoods of cars, tables, furniture, etc.). She can easily jump a 36" tall baby gate. Fences are not suggested as a method of containment as she will jump, climb or dig to escape. She NEEDS TO BE LEASHED OR SUPERVISED WITHIN A FENCE. She is EXTREMELY QUICK! HIGH RISK OF FLIGHT!

She is okay with other dogs, but may be confrontational as she wants to be the Alpha. She has growled at the larger Border Collie in the house on several occasions and bitten once. It is unknown what she will do around cats. She will go potty on a leash, although very nervous and jumps at sudden sounds or movement. She does not yet provide any clue or sign she wants to go outside; timing is everything.

At this point, she knows no basic commands. She is great in the crate and goes there willingly. Very thunder-phobic and will break objects with potential to hurt herself trying to get away and to a safe place. This little girl is a work in progress and is not ready to be adopted at this time. We do not know how long it will take before she is ready to be adopted. She will first have to learn to trust people. Until she is ready to be adopted, we will not be listing her foster parent’s contact information. Once Leia learns to relax and her anxiety decreases, her foster parent will update her bio with additional information about her personality. When she is ready to be adopted, her bio will again be updated and will include contact information.

Adoption Application
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Tobie - Adoption Pending

Tobie was pulled from a near by shelter as a stray. He is a very small Border Collie, but he has a big attitude of a dog twice his size. He is so super sweet, gets along with all my dogs and is cat friendly. He will also get a little aggressive while playing, but a simple NO correction stops him in his tracks. He seems to understand not to act that way to the bigger dogs, but my submissive dog is open for him to boss him around. No idea about children yet. He is very high energy and would need a home with a lot of activity. He loves to run with my dogs and plays ball. He is crate trained, and is learning what pottie means. Has had only one accident in the house, but I do have a dog door and he figured that out the first day here.

I don't think there is a person Tobie has met that he does not like. He loves to cuddle at night, but you have to help him up next to you, he will not volunteer to jump up on the furniture. He rides in the car with no problem. So far, he has no noise phobias. Vacuums, lawn mowers, weed eaters, and the noise of a leaf blower has little effect on him, other then just to stay out of the way. Still trying to find out how much he likes water. He found the doggy kiddie pool and laid in it, also the water from the heat pump was a great attraction to him. Water hose not so much, but didn't run and hide when he got sprayed. Loves the attention when he gets dried with a towel.

His coat was in poor condition. He also had worms. After vet care and a better diet, his coat is improving. He is heartworm negative. He will be neutered before adoption.

All and all, Tobie is a very nice and sweet Border Collie. Has not shown interest in any of my livestock, so that may be one reason he was a stray. He could be a great performance dog, but he does need a family that will be active and include him. Also, please no electronic fencing.

Tobie on the floor
Tobie standing
Tobie stalking
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Bella - Adoption Pending

Despite her size, Bella is still an exuberant, long legged puppy, just beginning to taste the allure of Border Collie intensity. She is impeccably house trained, munches happily on bones and dental chews, has excellent recall, knows the SIT command, and is working on her loose leash skills. She insatiably fetches balls, sticks, frisbees, and squeaky toys and she knows the words for each.

Bella was recently tested for herding instinct and showed good potential for working sheep. She lives with two young kittens and sublimates her prey drive beautifully in play with the little fluff balls. She enjoys playing with other dogs and loves people in general. She is fearless. Thunderstorms don’t faze her.

Now that Bella’s experience with sheep has waked up her strong drive, we are seeing early signs of classic Border Collie obsessive behavior — circling, sniffing and digging, undue focus on flying insects, and the like. If left to her own devices, Bella could become a high-strung, neurotic dog. If these impulses are channeled into play, search and rescue, herding, agility, flyball or other engaging, challenging activities, Bella will be an awesome companion. Anyone willing to provide consistent, positive direction along with fun, demanding work will see amazing things happen in this young dog.

Bella is being fostered in Pittsboro, NC. For more information about Bella, email Ellen Pearson at or call 919 933 9184.

Bella looking up
Bella carrying a toy
Bella on grass with stick
Adoption Application
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Lucy - Adoption Pending

Lucy is a sweet, very loving smaller Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix. She was rescued in early June from a life on a chain without any proper socialization. As a result, she is an insecure dog that shows aggressive behavior towards other dogs. After one week of rehabilitation she has already made impressive behavior changes and is now becoming comfortable with her foster siblings. She's not at the point where she can be trusted to freely interact with other dogs, as the process of building her self-confidence and her trust in a human companion will take time; therefore she can only be adopted to a home where she will be an only dog.

Aside from that you won't find a sweeter girl than Lucy. Everyone who meets her likes her instantly. She's very goofy with almost clown like qualities. She loves all people including children.

An old injury to her front leg causes her to limp, but she handles it well and is in no pain. She can easily hike several miles but will likely not be a running companion or agility champion. She knows basic commands but is eager to learn and fun to train. She is house trained and great in her crate.

The person that adopts Lucy needs to be committed to her ongoing rehabilitation and be willing to provide patience and leadership.

Lucy rollover
Lucy walking Adoption Application
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Trevor - Adoption Pending

Trevor came in to CBCR as a happy pup and continues to display a happy go lucky attitude, and loves everyone he meets. He is always the greeter with his hips and tail wagging! He will spend hours playing with his squeaky toys and adores his 9 yr old Border Collie "mom". He is very treat motivated and has learned sit, come, sit up, and most importantly the word "No". Trevor loves to chase and retrieve anything you throw, especially a ball. He has been exceptional in not chewing anything in the house other than the toys he is allowed to chew. He has always been taught to not chew hands and that is pretty much a non-existent issue. Trevor has mastered house training and has even gone to the door and scratched to be let out to go. He has had exposure to cats with no problem and was taken to the playground at the park just recently, and loves kids. He was exposed to about seven children at once anywhere from 3-6 yrs of age and did great! Trevor loves his walks and does very well on a leash. Even off leash in a fenced yard, he will stay right by you. He loves his kiddie pool and dives his head under to pick up anything on the bottom of the pool. Key word with this boy is "play!"

This sweet boy is one of the most balanced, well-adjusted pups I’ve seen, and seems to analyze everything. He has been a quick learner and still working on his "stay". His crate door is left open during the day and he will go get in and take naps during the day, and goes in on his own will at night for bedtime. He is still a baby and will also snuggle up beside you on the couch for a nap if allowed.

He will bark if he hears someone coming to the door, but the bark turns to body wiggles and tail wags when guests enter. He adores affection from his people as well as playing with his canine friends. I have yet to see anyone or any dog he did like. He is ALWAYS happy, no temperamental moods here!

Trevor has been an absolute delight to foster and I have no doubt he will make a great addition to an individual or family who are looking for an active intelligent baby boy!

Trevor will not be adopted to a home with an invisible fencing system or any other shock type training system.

Trevor yawning
Trevor focusing
Trevor with Frisbee
Trevor running with Frisbee
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Abby - Adoption Pending

Abby is a sweet, kind, very submissive Border Collie mix. She does really well with other dogs. We're not sure how she does with cats. She watches them go by out the front door, and doesn't bark at them, but we don't know how she would do up close. She is house broken and cries or paces when she needs to go out.

She pulls a little when we first hook her up to a leash for a walk, but calms down once we get going. Sometimes she pulls or lunges when she gets frightened by noises or people. When a stranger approaches, she will pull away from them and is very shy. We are working on her social skills by taking here her downtown with us to meet people and occasionally taking her to Lowes.

Abby comes to us by calling her name or whistling for her. She also loves to follow us around to see what we are doing. We just recently started crate training her and she now will go into on her own just to rest. She loves our fenced in back yard and occasionally romps with our other dogs.

Abby is heartworm position and must be exercise restricted while undergoing treatment. She's thunder-phobic and finds some comfort in her thundershirt and crate along with our patient love for her.

Abby with Ducky
Abby relaxing by the front door
Abby standing in the grass
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Independent foster dogs are NOT in the CBCR program. They are dogs that are being independently fostered by a current CBCR volunteer. They may be any breed or mix of dog, not just Border Collies. Please use the contacts at the end of each dog's biography to obtain more information about the dog and the procedure for adopting him/her.

CBCR does not warranty any of the information provided about the following dogs. Should any issues arise, CBCR will not be held responsible. Fees requested and policies may differ from CBCR.

There are currently no Independent Fosters.

For more great dogs looking for homes, click here to visit our Courtesy Listing page.

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