Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: My friend wants to find a farm home for his border bollie. Will you take the dog?

After trying to work through the situation through counseling, we will attempt to place the dog directly from his present home. Farm homes are very rare. Specifically, most working farms want dogs from known, successfully demonstrated, working lines.

2. Question: My family can’t handle the cute BC puppy we bought a year ago. We need to relinquish the dog as soon as possible.

Again, we do not have adequate foster space, or kennel capabilities to “fix” a situation like this. What we can offer is a fair evaluation of the dog, training issues and assist you in an improved relationship with your border collie. Or, we can post your description of your dog for you to place, directly from your home. We encourage anyone seeking a border collie to fully investigate the needs of the dog prior to purchase. Border collies are very rewarding dogs, however, they do require a significant amount of contact and training.

3. Question: I saw a border collie in the pound. Should I contact you?

Yes, we wish to know when a border collie may be in danger.

4. Question: I’d like to adopt a border collie – how do I apply?

A CBCR volunteer can get you started. You will fill out an application, and we will interview you in your home.

5. Question: How can I help Carolina Border Collie Rescue?

In addition to monetary donations, we always need crates, ex-pens, food, collars, leashes, toys, and chewies. You can also help by collecting UPC codes from Nutro pet foods.Make Checks payable to Carolina Border Collie Rescue and mail to:

PO Box 1213
Pittsboro, NC 27312-0015

We also need volunteers. You don’t have to foster dogs to help. We need people to staff information booths, transport dogs, do home visits, and make phone calls. You can contact a volunteer, or pick up a volunteer information form at one of our information booths.