Courtesy Posting Form

Basic Information

Use these definitions for the question below

Companion: A couch potato. Content in simply being with the "boss" and occasionally playing, but also enjoys going for walks in the neighborhood or to the park.

Active Pet: A dog satisfied with daily walks and retrieval games. Needs interaction and exercise, but not necessarily formal training or competition.

Sport: Dog may need competition or formal training to challenge their higher drive and energy level.

Working: Dog displays intense herding instinct and some talent, which may need to be channeled into stock work or other intense, continuous activity.

Additional Information


Use this space to write short paragraphs describing your dog. Read several biographies posted on the website tfor ideas on what to include.

Potential adopters will be reading your description to determine if they feel the dog will work well in their household. Their household may include children, other dogs, cats, etc. If you know that your dog either gets along with or does not get along with children, dogs or cats, please include this information. Also, include any fencing requirements or restrictions.

Make sure to include positive (e.g. walks well on a leash) and negative behaviors (e.g. thunder phobic).

Use as much space as you like!


Please submit the best photos you have of your dog. At least one photo is required, but more are better. Please note the maximum size for each file is 4 MB.

Contact Information

Potential adopters will need to contact you. Please note the contact information you provide below will be listed on our website as well as on our Facebook and Petfinder pages.

Example: call before 10:00pm, text only, title on email

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