Rescue operations require the total dedication of volunteers in order to exist. We do it out of love for the breed and a dedication to help eradicate the widespread over population of dogs. CBCR has volunteers who serve in all capacities from home visits, manning booths, answering emails, evaluating dogs, transporting, taking pictures of dogs, and fostering. Each job is important and necessary. If you are interested in volunteering with CBCR, please fill out the Volunteer Application!

Check out our list of vacant volunteer jobs! Each job can be performed from your home  and each listing has a short description of what the position entails.

Vet/Landlord Verifier: 

  • Receive all CBCR adoption application and when applicable, contact the vet and ensure the applicant’s pets are up to date on shots and heartworm treatment.
  • When applicable, contact the landlord to ensure the applicant is authorized to have an additional dog

Events Coordinator:

  • Coordinates doggie events in areas convenient to CBCR volunteers.
  • Coordinates volunteers to attend these functions which allow us to sell items, distribute brochures, and/or bring dogs.
  • Keeps a calendar of events in order to make arrangements in advance. Post on Facebook and send to Webmaster and Newsletter Editor for timely publication.

Merchandise Person:

  • Selects and stores items to be sold at CBCR attended events.

Newsletter Editor:

  • Produce a bi-monthly publication that contains photos and stories about adopted CBCR dogs, information about the breed, upcoming events

Newsletter, Design and Formatting:

  • Place newsletter content in a user-friendly format that is acceptable for both web and print publication

Newsletter Circulation:

  • Manages mailing list for Newsletter circulation
  • Follow up on undelivered emails via phone or regular mail to update adopters’ information and keep adoption spreadsheets on the CBCR Google Drive current and accurate

Courtesy Page Contact:

  • Receive and respond to inquiries from individuals, other rescues and shelters wishing to rehome their border collies and border collie mixes
  • Compiles all information for courtesy listed border collies and pass along to webmaster to be posted on the CBCR website, PetFinder, and Facebook pages
  • Periodically check in on all courtesy listed dogs to keep Courtesy Listing up-to-date