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Carolina Border Collie Rescue - Adoption Application

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Adoption Application

Please answer the following questions as honestly and completely as possible.
The more details you provide, the easier it will be for us to find a dog
that is suitable for your home environment, and that meets all the expectations
you have for your new family member!

NOTE: This application is for CBCR Fostered dogs, unless otherwise directed.
If you are interested in a dog posted on the Courtesy List, please see
the specific contact information at the end of the dog's biography.

If you are interested in multiple dogs, please contact each of the particular

Don't forget that this is only the first step in our application process.
After you have submitted this form, a Carolina Border Collie rescue volunteer
will contact you to discuss your application and set up an in-home interview.

You must be 18 years old to fill out this application

Contact Information

Example: call before 10:00pm

Please complete the following questions

(Please keep in mind that this dog may no longer be available)

Use these definitions for the question below

Companion: A couch potato. Content in simply being with the "boss"
and occasionally playing, but also enjoys going for walks in the neighborhood
or to the park.

Active Pet: A dog satisfied with daily walks and retrieval games. Needs
interaction and exercise, but not necessarily formal training or competition.

Sport: Dog may need competition or formal training to challenge their
higher drive and energy level.

Working: Dog displays intense herding instinct and some talent, which
may need to be channeled into stock work or other intense, continuous activity.

Type CBCR in lowercase letters

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