• Sex: Female
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Coat: Black and white, rough coat
  • Weight: 53 lbs
  • Activity Level: Companion

“Dream a little dream of me”

If she wasn’t already asleep at my feet, having her own dreams, she could tell you the story herself, in dog language that is. But since she is sleeping, she will have to trust me to relay her story, as best I can.

Dream was one of 30 dogs confiscated from a property in Summerville, SC, last year. Starving, living chained-up in a small enclosure in unbearable conditions for way too long, it makes my heart hurt to think of it. Law enforcement, with the help of Dorchester Paws, came to the rescue. They in turn, reached out to rescue groups for help and the Carolina Border Collie Rescue took in three females, not Border Collies at all, but still dogs who we thought a Border Collie Rescue could help to find them good forever homes. These dogs really deserved some kindness.

In her former life, Dream had relentlessly tried to escape her metal chain and enclosure and in the process, had broken off her upper canines. She had contracted heart-worm, had poor muscle development, was incredibly matted and yet, she was then, and is now, unbelievably loving toward people.

She has been in foster care for almost a year, learning about life as if she were a puppy. Her former lack of exposure to anything outside her pen, robbed her of experiences that a normal dog life would have provided. She is still, what I call, socially awkward with other dogs. She wants to play and interact but her style is off-putting to say the least.

Dream is now spayed, heart-worm free and up to date on veterinary care. Her broken canines have been extracted and when everything seemed to be going smoothly, one morning she woke to great pain. She needed emergency surgery to untwist a twisted colon. That’s right, “colonic torsion”. I had never even heard of that before. The good news is that I have been assured by the surgeon, that everything has been put back in place and has been tacked down in such a way that this will not happen again.

In her brand-new life, Dream is learning a few commands: sit, lie down and stay. She doesn’t mind going for a ride in the car. She loves toys and treats and will walk fairly nicely on a leash. While Dream does not have a strong, natural recall, she is starting to identify home with security. If she hears a gun-shot or it is raining outside, she knows right where the door to her sanctuary (our kitchen) is.

Dream is being fostered in Pittsboro, NC. For more information, contact foster parent, Dolly Watson, at dolly_watson@hotmail.com.

If you have submitted an adoption application to CBCR within the last three years and you have not moved, please contact the foster parent before submitting another application.  The foster parent will let you know if another application is required.