• Sex: Female
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Coat: Black and white, rough coat
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Activity Level: Companion

Dream is available for adoption. She is a black and white Border Collie impersonator, not a Border Collie at all, but 100% Dream. With her fuzzy feet and slightly wall-eyed look, she could be a character straight out of The Muppet Show. Her foster mom says “she’s perfect, except for that one little thing”: Dream doesn’t do well with other dogs and I am assuming that cats would also be out of the question.

Other than that, she is a delight.

If you are looking for a sweet companion, and can offer a one-pet-only home, Dream might be the dog for you. She is 4 years old, but acts, for all the world, like a puppy. Watch out if you are a skink or a butterfly, she is all about catching you. I have watched her run across the yard, in pursuit of a butterfly flying 5 feet above the ground (ha ha, in your dreams girl!).

She loves toys: squeaky balls to chase and squeak; soft toys that make crinkly sound; and sturdy Benebones or Himalayan cheese-chews to chew on. She plays with the toys but doesn’t destroy them.

She loves to go outside, and will entertain herself in a fenced yard, sniffing this and that or stretching out in the shade. Walking with her human is another favorite activity, as long as her human has plenty of time, so that Dream can investigate things along the way. I use a harness with a 6 ft leash attached to the top loop, to walk her. We walk on a trail through a private woods (no chance encounters with dogs off leash).

Within the fenced yard, if it is a little cool in the morning, Dream will run as fast as she can, in big looping circles, grinning like she is going to burst from sheer happiness. At the end of the day, she seems to be quite content to be by herself in the kitchen and sleeps through the night. Having a night-light and a comfortable place to sleep, is all she asks. In the morning, she greets me with squinty happy eyes, waiting for a good morning hug.

When she was rescued by Dorchester Paws on April 21st, 2023, Dream was very thin, with poorly developed muscles and two broken upper canines. At that point she only weighed 40 lbs. Now, four months later, after plenty of exercise, meals that she can depend on, and good veterinary care, she is doing so much better. She is at a healthy weight of 50lbs, up to date on vaccinations and preventatives, has been spayed and has had her broken canines extracted.

Four years of questionable nutrition and lack of exercise, has resulted in some early arthritis Adding a joint supplement and fish oil to her diet, was suggested by her veterinarian.
Adding a heaping helping of patience and understanding will help as well. Although she is four years old, she is much like a puppy, in that her whole world still awaits her.

Dream is fostered in Pittsboro, Chatham County, NC. For more information, contact foster mom, Dolly, at dolly_watson@hotmail.com, 919-718-0819.

If you have submitted an adoption application to CBCR within the last three years and you have not moved, please contact the foster parent before submitting another application.  The foster parent will let you know if another application is required.