Little Gems Litter

Little Gems Litter 

Applications Closed:   We have already received several applications for the Little Gems litter, and the foster parent feels confident they will find their forever homes among them.

  • Sex: 4 Females, 1 Male
  • Age: 8 weeks old (DOB: 2024-01-20)
  • Coat: Black and white
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Activity Level: Active Pet

The Little Gems litter was born Jan 20 and surrendered as a group to CBCR Mar 3. They are currently rockin’ it in Wilson, NC with CBCR foster Anna Furgason. 5 females (Jade, Crystal, Ruby, Amber, Sapphire) and one male (Jasper) comprise the litter, however female Sapphire has already found her forever home and is not pictured. Their mother is a purebred smooth coat and their sire a purebred rough coat, and unable to tell at this age what their coats will be with exception of Amber.

These puppies have already received their first shots and should be ready to go to their new homes by April 7th after their second shots are received on April 4th. Act quickly and get in your application and be prepared to have a home evaluation completed before the end of March. Please pick a first and second choice puppy on your application.

Remember these are active pups as purebred Border Collies. Some are always on the go, others chill out and rest, but all have potential to do whatever they are trained to do.

JADE is a very sweet puppy and well socialized. She is very fast and loves to run. Highly intelligent and a people pleaser, this pup may be someone’s future shadow. With her even facial marks and one black toe, she is a standout in the group.

JASPER is the smallest pup and only male in the group. He likes to wander away from his sisters and really seems to like to play and climb. When he is tired, he loves to be cuddled.

RUBY This little rascal of a pup is not afraid of the big dogs and does not cower, bow or submit. She does have a large black spot on her belly for identification. She also likes to play chase and keep away, and is typically the last one to be caught and put up. Wants to play with the big ball in the back yard.

CRYSTAL is always trying to win approval so she ends up with a nice back scratch and plenty of belly rubs, Crystal shows very little fear. Runs around with her nose to the ground and is extremely adventurous and outgoing but enjoys snuggling up to someone to chill with.

AMBER is rambunctious and independent and also the most vocal of the group with small yips and barks. She will be a beautiful rough coat and sports a ridge of hair like a mohawk on her nose.

Thank you for your consideration of one of these beautification puppies!