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About Loki Winston:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 6-years-old
  • Coat: Chocolate tri, rough coat
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Activity Level: Active Pet

House Trained, Neutered, Current on Vaccinations

Children –  Good Fit  Other Dogs –  Good Fit  Cats –  Unknown


Loki is a beautiful, loving, active dog. He is very intelligent and needs stimulation. He loves to chase and catch balls and toys. He loves basketball and has broken off some teeth trying to play with them. We have lots of children and he loves them, but does have issues jumping. He loves to give hugs and is very attentive when he knows you are upset. He will give his snuggles and then go somewhere else. He is very loved and this is truly breaking my heart, but I want him to have the active live he deserves and I am unable to provide that for him at this time.

Does the dog have any medical issues?

Does the dog have any history of aggression such as growling, lunging, snapping, or biting any adult or child?

Does the dog have any history of aggression toward other animals?

What is the reason for re-homing?
My other male started attacking him out of the blue, for no apparent reason. Loki just tries to get away and never hurts him back. It is extremely stressful for Loki and we are unable to remove the other male. It truly breaks my heart to do this to my baby, but I also feel like he needs more activity and stimulation. He runs in circles constantly around the yard while barking, jumps at the door when let out alone, tries to herd the other dogs, and has recently started trying to herd me as well resulting in him nipping my stomach. I have an autoimmune disease and am unable to give him the stimulation needed. He is a great dog and deserves a home that gives him what he needs.

Location & Contact
Loki is located in Jacksonville, NC.  For more information, contact Stacy at Shansen1971@yahoo.com or 910-382-1775.  Please text first.