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About Milkshake:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 5.5-years-old
  • Coat: Black and white, medium length
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Activity Level: Companion

House Trained, Neutered, Current on Vaccinations

Children –  Good Fit  Other Dogs –  Good Fit  Cats –  Not a Good Fit


Stunning 5 1/2 year old Border Collie male with a perfect black mask and lovely white coat speckled with black – he looks like a fluffy Oreo Milkshake! “Milkshake” (aka: “Breaker”) has had a rough first 5 years and just couldn’t get a “break” in life. He was a nervous and reactive Owner Surrender at a shelter when he was around 4 years old. Then adopted by a person who gave him no training, no veterinary care, and allowed him to run free in the streets regularly. They never had him neutered, vaccinated, and didn’t trim his nails for a year, among other things. Despite all this neglect, he is the sweetest *loverboy* you will meet.

He absolutely loves hugs and cuddles, or even just leaning against you quietly for long periods of time. He makes a wonderful emotional support pup since he has all the time in the world to quietly sit and love on you. He’s friendly to everyone and loves kids. He really wants someone to be his BFF, and he will be yours.

He is extremely handsome with his luxurious white and black speckled coat of wavy fur. He will squint his big, almond eyes when you talk to him lovingly. He barks when strangers come to the door or onto your property, but will stop quickly when told, and doesn’t get aggressive toward new people.

He’s smart and is learning his basic commands and tricks, getting much better at leash walking, and doing very well with listening. He can be quite calm in the house, but has a general excitement for things like treats, food, and walks. He wants to be your shadow, following you around everywhere if possible.

He didn’t know how to play with toys or fetch at all, so we’re working on these things. His favorite “toys” are actually treat-stuffed Kong-type toys for strong chewers. His recall is not reliable and with his history of getting loose and chasing animals, he requires a securely fenced yard or to be on leash at all times when outside.

Being a Border Collie who got no training in the first 5 years of his life, he has some predictable issues. He has separation anxiety and will try very hard to get out of his kennel when left alone. We’re working on this, but he requires someone with patience and a very safe, strong kennel in the meantime, if he must be left alone. He will whine or “yip” when left alone, which has gotten much better with time and training. He also whines when he’s excited or unsure, but it also gets better as he gets used to things. As mentioned, he will chase small animals and cats, and will potentially kill them if he catches them, as it’s not just herding behavior, it’s a strong prey drive. So cats or small animals in the home won’t work with him, and in fact cause him anxiety.

He wasn’t previously socialized, but he gets along with most other dogs after a period of controlled habituation and monitoring. He does have a somewhat dominant personality (not aggressive), so he requires someone who knows how to manage this if other dogs are in the home. He’s house trained, he isn’t destructive, and doesn’t go looking for things to mess with or destroy.

This poor guy was infected with Heartworms when he came to us and has now gone through the full veterinary Heartworm treatment protocol. Because the infection was there for a long time, has some minor lung/heart damage, so he coughs easily and cannot tolerate lots of exercise or exertion. This makes him a great candidate for low-activity households. He is happy just to have short leash-walks and treat-stuffed chew toys throughout the day, with lots of pets and couch lounging, and doesn’t need high levels of exercise like many Border Collies.

He is now currently UTD on vaccinations and is on Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative. He has some food sensitivity, so is on a vegan diet as per his veterinarian, and doing great on that.
He will herd/nip at people or children if there’s exciting play or roughhousing going on, so very small children should be watched around him (like most herding dogs). Also, like most herding dogs, he is scared of thunder, but calms down with reassuring cuddles.

Despite everything thrown at this poor pupper, he is still a super sweet, easy guy with a few quirks (like we all have) but wants very much to just love someone and get his “Break” in life. In the right home, he will make an absolutely amazing, usually calm, often silly, and always affectionate companion.

Does the dog have any medical issues?
Please explain the medical issues.
Minor lung/heart damage from Heartworm infection, exercise restriction.

Does the dog have any history of aggression such as growling, lunging, snapping, or biting any adult or child?
Please explain the aggression toward people.
No aggression, but nipping/herding behavior toward adults and children

Does the dog have any history of aggression toward other animals?

Please explain the aggression toward other animals.
Chases (and will kill) cats and small animals.

What is the reason for re-homing?
He is a foster and we have cats and rabbits in the home. We took him to get him out of a bad situation, but are committed to finding his perfect forever home.

Location & Contact
Mildshake is located in Salisbury, NC.  For more information, contact Robin at