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About Molly:

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 6-years-old
  • Coat: Brown and white, longer in length
  • Weight: 69 lbs
  • Activity Level: Active Pet

House Trained, Spayed, Current on Vaccinations

Children –  Good Fit  Other Dogs –  Not a Good Fit  Cats –  Unknown


Molly is a very active pet and full of energy. She loves to play fetch outside and to go on long walks. She needs daily exercise.

Molly is active and healthy. She is up to date on her vaccines, and she is spaded, as well. However, she is also 30 pounds overweight. We have struggled to maintain her weight as needed. She has also had a difficult time adjusting to another dog in the household.

We adopted Molly when she was eleven months old and she innately showed aggression towards strangers. We originally thought we could work with her aggression, but her natural herding and protective instincts have increased as time went on.

We did not recognize how to properly handle, manage, or train Molly in these situations as we were unfamiliar with the breed. It has led to Molly biting two strangers who came into our yard. While she was only using her protective instincts, we simply do not have the wherewithal anymore to look after her best interest. We love her dearly, and it is because of that we understand that our home is not the best fit for her anymore.

She has brought us a lot of joy, and we know that the next family to look after her will experience the same. She needs a family that has time to play and engage with her, as well as an understanding of border collie behavior.

Molly loves attention and likes to snuggle with her owners at night. She is very energetic, sweet, and playful. We suggest that she not be brought into a home with smaller dogs, or small children.

(The two biting incidents happened in 2020 and 2022)

Does the dog have any medical issues?

Does the dog have any history of aggression such as growling, lunging, snapping, or biting any adult or child?

Please explain the aggression toward people.
There are two documented bites towards people. Molly gets very anxious and aggressive around strangers, especially men.

Does the dog have any history of aggression toward other animals?

Please explain the aggression toward other animals.
The aggression is not documented. However, she becomes very possessive over her toys and food. She lunged at our French Bulldog over a bone.

What is the reason for re-homing?
Our inability to manage her exercise levels and her display towards our second dog has led us to know that our home is not the best place for Molly.

Location & Contact
Molly is located in Waxhaw, NC.  For more information, contact Silvana at 305-761-1771.