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About Nikko:

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 1-year-old
  • Coat: Black and white, medium length
  • Weight: 40 lbs
  • Activity Level: Active Pet

House Trained, Neutered, Current on Vaccinations

Children –  Good Fit  Other Dogs –  Good Fit  Cats –  Good Fit


This is Nikko who is a mix of border collie and cattle dog. He just turned 1 this September and is very energetic, loving, and playful. He is very smart, learns quickly, is food-motivated, and loves to run. Nikko is looking for his forever home and would love to have a yard to roam but is also very content to hang out and cuddle on the couch too.

Nikko was rescued from animal control at around 5 months of age and it’s not clear where he came from and where he spent his early puppy days. However, since he is so smart, he was easily trainable and was house-broken, crate-broken, and leash-trained in no time at all. He will bark when he has to go potty and will always be up for a long walk whenever you put on his leash.

He is super cuddly, loving, and affectionate and wants to be with you all the time. He is pretty active so long walks or a chance to run are a must each day. Nikko even loves to run alongside when you bike! He thinks it’s his job to pull his owner and he can go pretty far too! Nikko loves the water and has gone paddle boarding and kayaking. He makes a great companion on the water!

He does do well with other dogs, especially if they like to play and rough house, but he would also be happy as an only pet. He is great around children and adults and although somewhat curious, he does do well with cats. He has recently become more leery of men but as soon as he gets to know them he will always remember them and have that trust. He is protective so he wants to make sure you are good to be around his people!

He has mastered his basic commands and manners, has done some obedience training, and rides great in the car. He has shown no tendencies towards fear of thunder or loud noises but is a very good guard dog. He will let you know if anything is lurking nearby. He also loves his toys and treats!

Does the dog have any medical issues?

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What is the reason for re-homing?
My son has really bad allergies that are due to Nikko. It took us a while to figure out what was causing him such discomfort. Everyone is heartbroken because we had another dog in the past and also had cats that weren’t ever this bad, but Nikko’s dander makes my son have a hard time breathing. So off to the allergy specialist we have to go to assist us in the meantime.

Location & Contact
Nikko is located in Cary, NC.  For more information, contact Jenna at