About Alder:

Alder or Aldi is most likely a two-year-old Border Collie/Hound mix. Alders favorite thing to do is go for walks and lay at your feet. He is good with other dogs but doesn’t play yet with them. He is a mellow boy who is content staying near his person, begging loved on by getting petted and chewing on nylon bones. He gives a few kissed and nudges with his nose but isn’t over bearing and forceful. He will occasionally jump up and huge you but not on you. Once you feel a true hug you will know the difference. He truly is a diamond in the rough and here is why.

Alder came from another hording situation with good intentions but poor actions. He was chained outside with two metal drums and a rotting piece of plywood stacked on top the drums for shelter. He supposedly was found as a puppy but wasn’t turned into the shelter out of fear of euthanasia so unfortunately Alder was left outside with little human contact and socialization for most of his life.

Because of Alder little socialization experiences, he does have stranger danger fears and appears to be slightly more reserved around men. Alder just takes a while to walk up to new people. He also acts the same with the several children he has met. For this reason, he is often passed over since he takes time to trust and doesn’t leave that bright shining memorable first impression. It’s too bad because he is such a lover at home.

He walks well on a leash when he is relaxed but will pull if he gets scared. I have taken Alder into Petco, Petsmart and Lowes. He actually does quite well in stores. He allowed a family with two kids to walk up and pet him all over. He has NEVER had an aggressive bone in his body. What he needs to continue to work on is when people walk into the front yard or house that he is more nervous and will initially bark at them. With more training he should get better.

He does very well in his kennel. He will lay in it a lot voluntarily or in a storm he chose to go lay in it. I am able to leave him out freely in my house for hours when I am gone and he is perfectly fine. He is not destructive and is Potty trained.

What Alder needs is a family or individual owner who understands the best things in life are worth waiting for. If you are patient and want a calm, loving dog who just needs a little extra time and love then please put in an application for Alder. He is working on being okay with cats. He is interested in them but will still occasionally chase them. I don’t trust him yet with cats at this time. He has been neutered and is up to date on all shots but he is heartworm positive. He will go through treatments for this and a series of injections to kill the heartworms. His last treatment is at the end of October and will need to be kept calm for four more weeks which will not be an issue for him. He will be ready for adoption in November. If you have any questions feel free to ask!