About Daisy:

Daisy was surrendered to a western NC shelter along with several other dogs, all of whom had who had shared a backyard in Iredell County. She began her time with CBCR in a foster home in Durham, but her tendency to put her nose in other dogs’ business got her in trouble with the resident female. That top dog taught Daisy a serious lesson and left her pretty badly dinged up. Daisy was transferred to a new foster home with a more laid back pack of dogs. There she was taught the rules of the house — do not jump on the couch if another dog is already there. People food is on the counter. Dog food is on the floor. That sort of thing.

Daisy loves people of all kinds from children to oldsters. She will hoist all her 35 pounds right into your lap, if you let her. She likes to chew on bones and chew toys, but will settle for a cardboard box if one is available. She gets along fine with other dogs, so long as they can tolerate the fact that she is not absolutely clear on boundaries.

Daisy should not be in a home with cats. She gets hysterical, shrieking and flinging herself against the fence, if a cat happens by. She has gone so far as to pull a fence loose and run the cat up a tree. However, she has none of the classic herding instinct of a Border Collie. No ball drive. No interest in fetching. It has been speculated that there may be Spitz genetics in Daisy’s cute little body. Her dearest wish is to be cuddled and petted by an adoptive family. She enjoys a brisk walk, now and then, but is not by any means a hyper dog. In fact, she will complete her last heart worm treatment Oct 7, and will need to be kept fairly quiet for a month or so after that. She’d be happy to spend lazy afternoons with her new people.

If Daisy’s adorable face and lovable personality appeal to you, please submit an online application.