About Dulci:

Dulce (formerly Foxy) is a simply a darling dog! She is sweet, affectionate, loves people wants nothing more than to be loved right back. She came from a sad situation where there were simply too many dogs. The owner passed away and the widow called animal control for help. Dulci and her sister, Katy (who is like her in almost every way and will be listed soon!) were immediately rescued by a local group who called CBCR. Dulci is good with other dogs, though being a little insecure, she prefers calm, non-threatening ones. She is, herself, a very calm and gentle girl who loves to be by your side. She’s an unusually beautiful dog and at 30 pounds is just the right size! She’s house trained, healthy, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and on preventative, and is microchipped. Spay surgery is scheduled for 4/13 and she should be healed up and ready to go the following weeks.

Dulci was well cared for, given her living situation, but probably never got a lot of individual attention. We hope she’ll be able to make up for lost time now. She is a very attentive dog and grateful for any kindness. Dulci is a “smiler”, which is adorable. We’ve tried playing fetch and she seems intrigued but doesn’t yet understand the rules. She watches our other (ball obsessed) border collie and tries to join the game. She’ll chase the ball but then just looks expectant and a bit puzzled.

We’ve only had Dulci for four days and her initial insecurity is diminishing quickly. She does not care for the crate, but does fine without it so we put it away. She found her sleeping spot – a rug beside the bed – the very first night and settled right in to the routine. At this point, she does have some mild separation anxiety (whines at the door and paces when her foster mom leaves) but she has not been destructive or badly behaved. We are also working on making her comfortable relieving herself on a leash walk – so far, she will only do so off leash in a far corner of the backyard. Both behaviors should improve as she becomes secure in her surroundings. She hasn’t had a hint of an accident in the house!

An ideal situation for Dulci should include a fenced yard, an owner who is home a lot, and possibly an easygoing canine buddy. She will enjoy long walks, runs, or play sessions but is not high drive, and for the most part, just wants to hang out with her person. This little dog will make a fantastic companion and even a therapy dog