About Fae:

Life at the end of a chain, is an awful way to live. After Fae had puppies at a very young age at the end of a chain. She was dumped in a kill shelter by her former owners, with her breasts still swollen…to await her fate….She had developed a defense system to not let anyone touch her neck or head, she laid on the floor, not moving. Fae’s foster mom took some peanut butter and put it on the end of a wooden spoon and slid it to her mouth on the floor. She studied it and after a short while she put her head forward and licked it…..we were headed home!

Fae already had the retina damage, which causes her to look like she is studying something, like a treat being offered or preparing to go out the door. She flourished in her foster home environment and her emotional wounds were healing. She was vetted, before this she never had any medical attention. And was also spayed.

Fae was adopted by a loving family, who didn’t care that she wasn’t a show dog. The children loved her and she them but it was not meant to be. After 3 years with her new loving family, the younger child developed serious problems with his immune system.

After taking shots, expensive medicines and still being ill the Dr. and Dad said Fae had to go. So they loaded up Fae with her favorite toy and teddy bear to go back to her CBCR foster mom. After a long tearful goodbye, I assured her that Fae would get the best care we could provide. Since then, Fae has remembered her foster mom, the house and most of the canine crew. She gets along with everyone, so there were no problems meeting new friends either.

Fae is very happy back at her CBCR foster home. She watches her canine siblings with lots of interest. But they are way too rowdy of a group for Fae. Fae is 7 yrs. old now and she is a laid back dog. She likes to nap on the bare floor and does trot in a broad circle when she is outside. But waiting to come inside with the group, she lays her head across her buddy’s back. She really wags that bushy tail, she is a very happy girl.

Fae really would like some patient love that lets her study things and will let her play softly with her blanket and teddy. She has been to the eye specialist, she has pre-cataracts in her right eye along with retina damage. Her vision is severely compromised. Estimated cost to remove cataract and restore 80% of Fae’s vision is around $3500. CBCR is presently exploring ways to fund this necessary procedure. Fae will be a happier girl when she can see and better navigate the world around her.

If you can provide Fae with a loving home environment, she will return your love ten-fold!