About Finley:

Everyone meet Finley! This gorgeous guy is estimated to be between 2 and 4 years old. He is a big boned fellow and has a gorgeous long black and white coat. His coat is very soft and shiny so it will need regular brushing to keep it lush. He has beautiful brown eyes as well!

Finley is a very happy and sweet dog. He loves to cuddle and will hop right into your lap for some pets and cuddles. He lives for attention! He is not a very hyper dog and is happy to lay by your feet. He does like to go outside to explore but is very respectful of his foster mom’s fenced-in yard. Finley also loves to play with toys and balls. He is very good at fetching and can play fetch for hours if you let him.

Finley is very good on the leash and knows several commands. He knows sit, lay down, no, and paw! He likes to get your attention by placing his paw on your arm, it is very cute. He doesn’t seem to like going in the crate very much and he much prefers to sleep on the bed than in his crate. His crate time is a work in progress. His foster mom would like to see him go to a home where he doesn’t have to spend much time in the crate because he likes to be around his people so much.

Finley gets along very well with all types of dogs. He has had limited exposure to cats but mostly ignores them. Finley would probably not be suited for small children, he can get a little nippy when playing. He loves people too! He will usually greet you by rolling over on his back so you can scratch his belly.

Finley is up to date on vaccinations and has been recently neutered. Please only apply is you would like a sweet cuddler who loves to play ball!