About Jake:

Jake is a 9 year old pure bred male border collie. Jake is the brother of Harley and found his way to CBCR after his owner died and the family could no longer care for the dogs that were left behind. Jake LOVES to play ball and has the classical intense border collie ball drive. When he gets very excited, he has happy feet (like to dance around). Jake is currently 54 lbs but could stand to spend a little time on doggie weight watchers. He does seems to have some mild arthritis in his hips, however if he continues his weight loss plan then his arthritis could improve. He runs and plays just fine but can be a little slow getting up. Jake has the sweetest personality and just loves to be loved and petted. He is very patient with other energetic (and sometimes annoying) dogs and he loves to be around all kinds of people.

Jake is potty trained, crate trained, knows sit, down, enough, drop it and ball commands. This big guy is just looking for a great home to spend his older years where he can relax, play ball and get some love. Jake is neutered and up to date on all vaccines and shots.