About Katy:

Katy is a small border collie mix who was brought to Carolina Border Collie Rescue with her sister Foxy. (Read Foxy’s bio for their history before becoming foster dogs). Katy is around 32 pounds with a short coat. She is believed to be around 2 years old. She has a compact, slim, athletic physique and is perky and energetic, but not the least bit hyper. She is mostly white with numerous border collie “ink spots”. Her head is mostly black and is wide like a cattle dogs and she has a sweet face.

She is a very well-behaved dog and has had no accidents or mishaps in the house. She is a pretty happy and content dog with a sweet, easy-going disposition. In her previous life, it seems that she lived with a large number of dogs, and probably did not get a lot of individual attention from her owner. At the same time, it does not seem as though she was neglected or abused in any way.

She was already going into heat when she arrived, has been spayed and is recovering very well. She was heartworm free and is on heartworm prevention. She likes to cuddle, and enjoys walking on the leash two or three times each day. Her walks of 1 to 1.5 miles seem to tire her out and she does not seem to require more strenuous exercise. When she is in the house, she usually rests quietly. She gets along pretty well with our very laid-back older border collie Jasper. She seems curious about the neighborhood cat and the chickens in the coop and seems inclined to chase squirrels if given the opportunity. She might do best as an only dog, if her new owner wants to bond closely with her. I don’t think that living with a large group of dogs is a good idea, but Katy might enjoy having one canine buddy.