Lady Jane

About Lady Jane:

Lady Jane was a stray on the streets of Washington, NC. Somebody is missing an excellent dog! Their loss, your gain. According to her foster person,” Lady Jane is the sweetest, most perfect dog you will ever meet. She is approximately 8 or 9 years old, and is patiently waiting for her forever home. She has countless good traits and virtually no bad traits. She is calm, house trained (has never had an accident), crate trained, perfect on leash (no pulling), rides well in car (curls up and goes to sleep), wonderful with other dogs, cats and children. She has absolutely no aggression, does not jump up on people, and rarely barks. Lady Jane is the ultimate love bug and always wants to be by your side or sleeping by your feet. She will gently nuzzle your hand to get a pat on the head. She loves to walk and can easily go more than 2 miles at a brisk pace. She is not thunder phobic, doesn’t have herding instinct, plays very gently, and doesn’t get up on furniture.

Lady Jane would be a wonderful addition to any family.