About Pearl:

Pearl is a gem, if an unpolished one! This gorgeous, sensitive little girl is as sweet and loving as she is beautiful! Through no fault of hers, she’s had three homes and little attention in any of them. She has come through with her gentle nature and eagerness to please intact, but is very shy. After just a couple of weeks in foster care she has made tremendous progress in all areas! She loves her foster family – humans and canines – and has settled well into a daily routine. She is discovering the joys of long walks, outdoor play -enjoying an occasional bout of “zoomies” with a huge doggy grin on her face, is learning some new commands, and has figured out the daily routine.

Pearl is 2 years old, healthy, spayed, up to date on shots and heartworm negative. She is a smaller girl at 33 pounds. She loves toys and affection, is becoming comfortable with a leash, is house trained and crate trained. Like any young border collie she needs daily exercise for both her body and mind, but she has an excellent “off” switch for down time in the house. She is good with dogs, not trustworthy with cats. She doesn’t, at this point, enjoy rides in the car or walks in busy places. Hopefully those two pleasures could be developed.

Pearl needs a kind, patient, dog sensitive owner who will gradually introduce her to the joys of the larger world. She needs a calm, routine-centered home where she feels safe and loved and will not be overwhelmed. At this point she will do best in an adults only home, simply because the energy level is more moderate and predictable. A serious job would probably suit her very well and help distract her from her ‘worries’. Since she is a young border collie, an apartment life might not offer enough stimulation.

This girl has the potential to be someone’s “dog of a lifetime” but will require some time and attention to get there. Could you be her shining star?