About Promise:

Promise is a true gentleman He is calm, quiet, well mannered and undemanding. All he wants is a little kindness and the opportunity to be near his people. He is probably about 9, weighs 43 pounds, and judging by his early stage cataracts (he still sees well), some rust colored sun bleaching of his fur and heartworm disease for which he’s being treated, he has probably spent his life outdoors. He LOVES being a house dog! Bliss, for this sweet boy, is a soft rug or cushion for naps, a nearby human to love, daily walks, a ride in the car now and then, and of course, delicious suppers!

This lovely boy is up to date on shots, neutered, microchipped, being treated for heartworm (final injection is Nov. 29),, is house trained, tolerates a crate, walks well on a leash, loves car rides, has not barked once in the past month, loves attention but does not demand it.

Promise turned up as a skinny, matted, dirty stray in a rural shelter. The staff had to shave his hindquarters and tail because his fur was matted to the skin, and his skin was red and raw from parasites and poor nutrition. Some antibiotics, good food and supplements put him right and his fur is growing in nicely. One day, he will even have a proud tail!

He likes other dogs and gets along well with his foster buddy, an energetic 9 year old female border collie. He does have strong herding instincts which could be annoying to some dogs. Cats are probably not a good idea. I expect he’d chase with glee. He has been gentle and tolerant with his foster mom’s visiting grandchildren. The ideal home for Promise would be with calm and gentle owners who are looking for a loving, grateful low maintenance fellow. He will be happy to oblige.