About Reb:

Reb is a nice young border collie who does everything full throttle. He’ll hug and cuddle as hard as he plays and works. Quite literally, this bc can sweep you off your feet if you’re not prepared for one of his love-fests. While we appreciate his good heart and gusto, Reb is working on manners and patience. He’s a very bright boy however, and we have no doubt he’ll be an overachiever in obedience soon.

Reb came to us when good friends of CBCR heard that he was heading to a shelter near Winston Salem, NC. These good folks took Rebel in, bathed him, and called CBCR to get him placed in a foster home. We are so thankful that this nice young bc didn’t have to spend time in the local shelter!

Reb is a very high energy dog and will need lots of mental and physical stimulation from his new forever home. He may be a good candidate for a sport or working home. Reb’s parents were from working lines, and Reb will need a “job”. He loves to play frisbee, and this has been a nice job for him temporarily in his foster home. He is still fairly active inside the house, but will “turn off” when crated. He doesn’t mind the crate, but would prefer to be right beside his human if possible.

It seems Rebel was a man’s dog. He loves men and responds well to them. He’s a great, well-mannered car rider, and will even hop in the back of the truck for quick trips around the farm. However, he WILL CHASE CARS! Reb will need to go to a home with a solid fence where he is safe from this behavior. He was interested, but not overly so, in the indoor cat of his rescuers. While his foster home doesn’t have any felines, it is our guess that if a feline were to run, Reb would chase.

Reb has a very friendly temperament with humans. Again, he can be a bit overly friendly and jump up when excited, so he may be too much for small children. He is good with other dogs, but as he’s new to dog socialization, he may have more issues with males, and can be a bit stingy with toys. He has shown no evidence of food guarding from his people, but he will join you at the table for your meal if you’re not careful. Training and manners should help with this.

Reb pulls on a leash big time, and can pose quite a challenge for his human on the other end. While more leash training should help this, I would not consider any leashed activity to be sufficient exercise for this bc. His recall is fairly good, especially when his human possesses a frisbee or ball, but more work could be done in this department as well. He could greatly benefit from a lie down or call-off from moving distractions.

Rev will be a wonderful addition to the right, bc savvy home.