About Sadie:

Miss Sadie has a unique and long story. Sadie came from a very bad hoarding situation. She spent her entire life chained in a 5×5 pen outside until she was rescued. She ended up at NC State Vet School where she was having a disc herniation repair which caused by nothing but bad luck. After her surgery, she came into CBCR and her new foster home barely able to walk, with a 12 inch long incision with many staples. Sadie has made SO much progress since that time. She now walks normally and even has her pretty border collie prance back! Her long term prognosis for her back surgery is great and the expert neurologists at NC State think she will make a complete recovery with no long term negative side effects! She will continue to gain strength in her back legs and should be able to run and play like a normal dog in no time. Sadie will not be a good fit for any high impact sports or agility. Sadie is also heartworm positive, she will start treatment on April 11th and will need rest/calm environment while she goes through treatment.

Despite having an extremely tough life so far, she is the happiest little dog, she smiles when you come in the door and is just completely content to be around her people. Sadie is more of a laid back, lounge around dog but does need a little bit of exercise every day. She likes to go outside to smell around and look at the birds. Her foster mom thinks she would do great off lease as well because she is definitely a Velcro dog, doesn’t want to be far from her person. She is also great around young children! Very gentle, patient, and well behaved. Despite living outside her entire life, she has never had an accident in the house and has never chewed, destroyed, or done anything bad while in the house. Her foster mom is always so surprised how great her manners are! Sadie does not prefer to spend time in the crate, she likes to be out during the day hanging with her foster sister or sleeping at her foster mom’s feet. Sadie is used to sleeping in the crate at night, she will go the entire night without a peep. Though Sadie loves people of all sizes, she can be very wary around new dogs. Sadie loves her foster sister but can be aggressive towards new dogs until she has identified them as “safe”.

Sadie’s road to recovery is not quite over but she is such a sweet and lovable dog. She LOVES to have her neck scratched and anyone who gives her scratch will be her new favorite person. She has also learned to lay down, sit, and give paw. She loves to show off her “paw” trick (see picture below), she is very proud of it.

Sadie is a wonderful dog who REALLY deserves a chance at life with a great family. Sadie’s foster mom will provide more updates as she goes through heartworm treatment this month.