About Shep:

Shep’s previous owner was a kind man. He was approached by a breeder who convinced him to take his “one last puppy.” The owner tried his best to provide a good home but eventually realized that his environment was not a good fit for this boy. When the owner was home and outdoors, Shep stayed close by his side, otherwise, he tended to roam. Shep had to be penned most of the time to protect him from the busy road and to keep him from getting into trouble.

Shep is a big boned, big hearted, gentle fellow. His breeding was probably not too precise. His head and size make him a little atypical of most working lines. The way he moves however is 100% Border Collie.

Since coming into foster care, Shep has been exposed to many new things. First was a ride in a car in a crate. He was a perfect gentleman, never made a sound, didn’t scratch or try to claw his way out. He has since been crated many times and is just fine, he will sleep in one voluntarily.

Coming inside was a little traumatic for the Shepherd. The first few times, he had to be carried into the house. He had never been a house before. Once inside, it was difficult for him to settle down. He spent a lot of time pacing and panting, he was obviously uncomfortable. In less than a week, he was totally transformed! He loves being inside with his people and he is able to relax. The house is still one big toy box to him so he needs some supervision. His favorite toys are newspapers and magazines. He has never chewed furniture, shoes, or, the usual inappropriate items, but, he may devour your shopping list or carefully written thank-you note. His counter surfing has greatly diminished.

Shep is very good with other dogs. His loves his two hoodlum sisters who introduced him to the delicacy of paper products. They have taken him under their wing for better or worse!

Shep does not get on the furniture, does not jump up on people and takes treats ever so gently. He knows a few commands, sit before eating, “in the box,” and come but is capable of a lot more. He is starting to show an interest in toys. He is still a work in progress. He is unsure of strangers and will bark a little but then approach for a sniff and allow petting. He will then follow the stranger around. He needs more exposure to new people. preferably, those bearing treats. Shep’s ideal home would be as a constant companion. He is on the calmer side of the Border Collie Spectrum. He needs exercise but not an excessive amount. He would make the perfect hiking companion as he wants nothing more than to be by the side of his person.