About Snickers:

Snickers is a 1 ½ year old tri colored border collie mix. He loves to play and is very loyal to his family. He will make a great dog for someone who likes to walk or hike. He has learned to “chase” a Frisbee or ball but still learning to bring it back. He knows the sit and down commands and working on stay. He is house broken and up to date on all shots and he was just neutered. He will be best with children over the age of 10 because of his high energy level.

Snicker’s has Luxating Patella’s in both hind legs. (Dislocated knee caps) It doesn’t slow him down.He does not need surgery. He may or may not need surgery later in life. No way of telling now because he is very active. A dose of Cosequin each day will help tremendously. This is over the counter joint medication.

Snickers gets along well with other dogs and has learned to respect cats. He will bark at someone coming up to the door. He bark is bigger than his bite and bigger than he is!!