About Sophie:

Hi All! My name is Sophie and has been since I was born on Feb 14th, 2009. I have been with the same family since I was a puppy. I ended up with animal control several times in my life due to all the temptations on the other side of the Invisible Fence. It’s really not completely my fault, as, like many border collies, my drive to do something can lead me to trouble if the opportunity presents itself. Plus, you’d chase the squirrels too if you understand half of the horrible things they are saying to us all!

Now I live with a foster Mom and since I have been outdoors my entire life, I have been learning how to be a good canine citizen. I am a very happy girl and love every single person that I meet. I haven’t tried to run away even once. But my foster Mom plays lots of games with me so I’m always eager to be near her in case she decides its time for another game.

My current foster Mom has been very stunned at my intelligence and ability to adapt so far. The first night in her house she told me to “get in the kennel”. So, I got up and walked to the kennel. The second day at work, I was bugging her while she was trying to get work done and she told me “Go lay down, I gotta finish this”. I then turned and laid on the bed she had out for me. She sat there staring at me and acted impressed. I think her standards are low, because to me, these are easy things. I am working on being house broken (very close!), working on learning to be happy in a crate, can sit, stay, shake, lay down, dance and come.

Initially I treated every command like it was a request. I’m a bit stubborn, but am learning that when my person says “Come” that it is a command and I’m learning to drop what I’m doing to follow through. I’m picking it up well because she’s showing me that her ideas are better than my own and that I’m rewarded when I listen.

My ideal home: I can live with all types of people, kids and adults. I have been seen to try to chase a car, so it is best if I either have a fenced in yard or a dedicated owner that doesn’t let me roam outside alone. I prefer boy dogs if I had a sibling, but a non-alpha female is OK too. Cats are ok, but it would have to be the right cat or situation to learn to not chase them if they run. I am very social and have interacted well with the many people at my foster mom’s work.

I am heartworm positive, so I am not yet available and my status will be changed when I’m finishing treatments! Check out the pictures of me dancing and loving life!