About Vonnie:

Vonnie is a very energetic, smart, Border Collie pup that is looking for a forever home. He was found wandering in the road and was almost hit by a car around Christmas. He was very lucky to have been picked up by a very nice person who housed him, took him to the vet, and cared for him over the next month. She was unable to keep him and asked CBCR to help find him a home. He is currently being fostered in Raleigh, NC.

Vonnie was acquired by CBCR the weekend of the Super Bowl and was named after the MVP, Von Miller. Vonnie has proven to be extremely smart and trainable. He already knows how to sit, lay down, shake, is working on stay, fetch, and has very good recall. Initially, he was fearful of the car and now when asked will try to jump in on his own. He is kennel trained and knows the word “kennel.” He wants to please and is very food and praise motivated. He loves other dogs and kids and has been well socialized. We are unsure how he is with cats because he does not live with any currently. Vonnie loves running and playing like any normal puppy. He also loves all types of toys and tends to hoard them and pile them up (it is very cute!) He will likely make a wonderful agility dog or family dog for an active family. As excited about life as he is, he also loves to be around people and snuggle.

Vonnie is a very special dog that is looking for someone who can accommodate an active high-drive puppy and continue his training.