Aster is roughly 9-12 months old and she is a Border Collie mix. Likely with a small breed of dog because Aster tops the scale as 25 lbs. Aster will soon be spayed and microchipped but is already is up-to-date on her vaccines. Aster is good with children, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and goats. Energy wise she is on the low end and is also house broken and crate trained. Mostly she loves to cuddle and wants to be with people. She has been to places like Petco and Lowes and does very well in public. She also enjoys hiking and is pretty good on a leash. She may pull a little on a leash but mostly just walks by your side. Aster typically spends her day following around her people, chewing on bones, or playing with my other much bigger dogs. She also will fetch but she doesn’t participate when all the other larger dogs are playing too.