Brodie is a neutered 4 year old Border Collie/Sheperd mix. He is heart worm negative and up to date on all vetting.

Brodie’s eyes are very expressive. You can almost tell what he is thinking. He also likes to “talk”. I think one day he will actually say words!!! He is a sweet boy. Very affectionate and Loves to cuddle. Brodie loves to play with toys alone. He will grab a toy and toss it and go fetch and toss it again. Over and over. He has not learned to play fetch with me yet, but we are trying.

Brodie was hit by a car and after surgery has recovered very well. You would never know he was injured by looking at him and watching him run!

Brodie knows several commands. Sit, Stay, Down, Wait. He gets along well with other dogs and ignores the cats. He does have some resource aggression but has never bit anyone or any other animal. He will protect anything he has: Food, toys, bed etc. So a new owner/home would have to understand his special needs and work with Brodie. I suggest that he go to a home with children 10 or older because of his resource aggression.

Brodie eats in his designated area and no one disturbs him while he is eating. If he has a toy we let him play with it without trying to take it. If all these things are understood about Brodie, he will be a great addition to any family. He is a loving sweet boy that just needs a place to call his own. Anyone will be very lucky to have this cuddle bug of a dog. Despite his size, he loves a good lap!!