World’s sweetest dog!!

Goose (formerly known as Gabe) is beautiful, soft, gentle, appreciative, calm, well mannered, house trained, up to date on shots, neutered, . He loves to go for walks, ride in the car, and mostly, be by your side! This perfect gentleman would make the ideal companion for an older person or just a kind soul who wants to make a difference. We are guessing Goose is eleven or twelve. He ended up in a high kill shelter showing serious signs of neglect. He was rail thin, had painful skin and ear infections, muscle loss and general weakness. Even so, he smiled and gently wagged his tail when our volunteer went to meet him. He is SO happy to be part of his foster family – loves his supper and his bed and any attention offered. He’s putting on weight and is able to walk several miles a day (a mile or two would probably be fine, though he will need regular walks to stay fit). Takes lots of naps. He likes people and other dogs. He tells me he would chase a cat and his intentions might not be so pure. I don’t know if he could catch one, but a cat free home would probably be best.

Goose is up to date on everything, had a dental cleaning, is heartworm negative, blood work was all good as were xrays, taken as a precaution. We did have one larger fatty tumor (benign) removed just because it was unsightly and uncomfortable. For and old guy, he’s in good shape. He weighs about 54 pounds and could stand to gain a couple more.

As an older fellow Goose won’t be around for ever, but may certainly have another several good years. He has endless love and companionship to offer and asks for almost nothing. Could you be the hero that will make these later years the best ones of his life? No heroics required, just a soft place with someone who cares so he can live with joy as long as his quality of life remains.