Grendel (formerly Granite) is 6.5 years old roughly, current on all vaccines, heart-worm negative, micro-chipped and neutered. Great with cats, ducks, chickens, dogs and probably goats too. Very sweet boy with people and likely great with kids. He has met several children and so far did great with them. House Broke and will occasionally ring bells to go outside to go potty. Very treat motivated and LOVES to fetch. He is so fun and active still it’s hard to believe he is already 6.5 years old! He will repeatedly come and lay a ball in your lap to play fetch. When I choose to ignore him when he wants to fetch, I suddenly find he has sneakily laid 5-7 toys on my lap and is lying at my feet staring at my every move just waiting.

We have been to the dog park and he did well but was a little over-whelmed at first and was in sniff overload. He did allow other new dogs to play fetch without becoming protective of his ball which is fantastic and sometimes an issue for intense fetchers but so far not Grendel. We also went into Lowes and PetCo and he did fantastic. He is really well behaved in stores with other dogs even if they are barking at him and with other people in stores. He isn’t the type of dog to run up and jump all over people. He is slightly more reserved but is okay and accepts being petted by strangers.

Oddly enough, he does need a little work on trail walking. He doesn’t show the normal type of reactivity on a trail. He doesn’t bark or growl or lunge towards people or dogs. His reactivity is very quiet. He stares at approaching people, gets very close to you as if he is unsure and a tiny bit of hair would raise on his back at they passed. He doesn’t actually do any type of specific behavior but you can tell he isn’t sure of people when you are hiking in the woods. He never does this in a store or when guests come into your home. It seems like these types of activates are just new to him and he needs to build confidence. The longer we hiked the more comfortable he got.

I leave him out all day unattended, with my three other dogs and cats, for several hours while at work and he is an angel inside the house. Not destructive and no potty accidents. He also is free to sleep with us at night. Some nights he prefers the bed, other nights he just wants to sleep on the floor. Grendel is also not bad with walking on a leash but will slip out the front door if you’re not careful. He knows a few basic commands. We are perfecting sit, down, stay and come and learning “wait” to help with going in and out of doors.

Over all Grendel is a very sweet lovey boy. He has a good amount of energy and loves to play fetch but is able to control his energy and be calm during the day when he is alone. He does like his people though and always wants to be by your side. When doing chores like feeding goats and chickens, he is always by your side helping out.