Harper is just over a year old and up to date on vaccines, microchipped and neutered. He is pureblooded or very close to it so he acts like a typical very high energy BC. He loves to run and play with other dogs. He will get pretty rough when he is playing and tends to agitate other dogs for fun like it’s a game. It will be best for Harper to not go into a home with an older dog that doesn’t do well with his puppy like behavior. He is also a big herder of other dogs. He will run around them in circles and will also try to steal toys away when you’re playing fetch. He is a crazy good fetcher when he is by himself. He is learning to play Frisbee and loves a game of tug of war. He does play-growl during tug of war but all it is to him is play. He is unerring in snagging a ball or toy lobbed into the air.

He is okay with cats but chases them if they run. It’s the same with chickens and ducks, so we’ll say no to cats and other small animals. He is kennel trained and house broken.

Harper must go to a home with previous herding dog experience, one that understands the exercise and mental needs of a high drive working dog. Harper is a fun dog who constantly wants to play and also likes to snuggle. He can be a little mouthy about being handled, harnessed, or manipulated physically, but never goes so far as to nip. He is sometimes sensitive to an angry/loud voice. Harper will need a kind, loving and most importantly a patient person to continue his training.

Harper has been hiking, on trail walks and inside Petco and PetSmart. He does very well and is not reactive to people or other dogs. He does pull on his leash to try and say hello because he never met a stranger. He wants to say hello to everyone and everything. He wants to hug every single person he sees so we are working on not jumping on people. He shows no fear what so ever of strangers.