Luna (formerly Egan) is a 1 year and 5 month old pure blooded Border Collie. She was surrended by her owner along with her sister Ailsa. She is only 26 lbs and a smaller Border Collie but she does have a few lbs to gain. She is working on house breaking and doing very well. She is also working on crate training. She is also very calm indoors. She and her sister and slowly learning to be apart from each other. She be ready for adoption soon after she is spayed. She is up to date on vaccinees, heartworm negative and microchipped.

Luna will want to cuddle a little bit but is far more independent. She is very happy chewing on nylon bones and other toys. She is a little bit mischievous still. She loves to carry other random objects around the house and leave them in new places. She will sometimes try to chew on still like recyclables so she still needs crated if no one is there to watch her. She just hasn’t learned yet what is okay to chew on and what’s not. But she is working hard to learn what it takes to be a good house dog versus an outside dog.

Luna is reported to be a fence jumper. She has yet to think about jumping my 4ft fence but I can tell she has the ability. I think she would if I ever left her unattended in it. She has a couple times jumped on to my kitchen table to watch me mow the yard out the window.

She has been in public and does great. Occasionally she may bark at something she is unsure about but a simple correction tone and she immediately stops. She is pretty good on a leash but does pull a little. Good with other dogs and is just now starting to play a little with them. All in all this girl is a sweetheart and not overly lovey in your face. She liked our trail hike we went on and liked playing by the creek.