Piper (formerly China) is a stunningly beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate 10 month old border collie who missed out on the early socialization and training she needed.  She is eager to please, learns quickly, is full of amazing potential.  She received no interaction in  early puppy days, and was purchased from the  breeder by a couple with excellent intentions but a challenging environment for a young border collie.  She spent most of her time in an outdoor pen with two large older dogs, until one dog took a dislike to her. The owner brought her inside but the landlord objected.  During her uncomfortable puppy days, she bit the toddler on the hand when he reached in her food bowl, and also a bit a large male neighbor who lunged from behind and grabbed her collar to keep her from dashing in front of a car. The owner realized she could not provide the exercise, training, and socialization Piper needed, could not leave her in the pen, and was not allowed to keep her in the house. She called CBCR for help.

Piper has now been in a foster home about two months.  She behaves appropriately with the foster’s other border collies, and plays all day with a male of similar age and personality.  She is not a good fit for a home with cats or small children. She is just beginning to be interested in toys.  Piper does well in a crate and, though she had not been housetrained in her former home, has made good progress in that area.  She has bonded closely with her foster and his wife and has been a “model citizen” during her stay.  Unfortunately, the foster has a health issue that prevents him from continuing her training and social skills outside his property. Piper is wary of strangers, though usually only takes a few seconds to warm up completely and engagingly.  She needs a steady, confident, savvy person to help her learn to deal with new situations and new people most effectively.

Recently, Piper was professionally evaluated by a several highly respected trainers.  They determined that with the right owner and situation, she will make a spectacular companion!  She is currently at the home of one of the trainers who is able to work on her basic skills and, most importantly, broaden her social horizons.  Because of her youth, good health, intelligence and eagerness to please, the trainers feel her skills will quickly develop.  She is a sensitive dog (as are most purebred border collies) and can be defensive if she feels threatened (again, a bc trait), Her very sweet nature and eagerness to please are her overriding characteristics. She has not bitten anyone since the early puppy incidents.  She will growl or bark at a stranger’s approach, but with proper training and understanding, this wariness should be correctable or at least manageable.

Recommendations from the foster and trainers at this point:  Piper would do best with a confident, dog savvy, active individual who is familiar with border collie characteristics.  She could do well in agility, nose work, or with a hiker or trail runner.  She will likely be a velcro dog – strongly bonded to her owner.  Piper could be an only dog or enjoy the company of another  friendly dog of similar energy level. Because of her age and breed she will need regular vigorous exercise, beyond just a walk around the block.

With the right person, Piper could be someone’s dog of a lifetime!