REMY was sighted on the streets of Charlotte and was so frightened and shy that Animal Control had to trap him to get him to the shelter. When CBCR’s volunteer rescued him and brought him home, he cowered in the garage for 2 hours before he could be persuaded to come into the house. There he was cheerfully welcomed by the foster’s personal dogs and slowly taught how to play. From that day on, the presence of another dog has been key to getting Remy through a door, into the feeding area, on to the couch, or out in the play yard.

Remy has a big dose of Terrier in his genetics, as evidenced by his curvy whiskers, his bushy eyebrows., and his busy nose. He has learned to enjoy a rousing game of fetch and tug, but always yields to his playmate, going so far as to veer away from the ball, even when he gets there first, to allow a rival to grab it. He has been known to toss the ball in his mouth to another dog in mid –flight in a sheer act of graciousness.

Remy learned to sit promptly for dinner or for a treat. He offers his paw for a shake, even when not asked. He walks well in an Easy Walk Harness and dearly loves to sniff along a path or lift his nose high to catch an air scent.

Remy sleeps beside his foster’s bed but will jump up for petting and cuddles when morning comes. A sweeter, more loving dog than Remy may never again be minted. He will look straight at you with big, round, trusting eyes and just about melt your heart.

Remy recently finished his heartworm treatment and must spend the next several weeks quietly in leash walks and indoor rest. He is otherwise in excellent health. He is good with cats, other dogs and people he has learned to love.

He’ll make a good family dog and would thrive in the safety of a kind family, ideally with one or more resident dogs for company and reassurance.