Saint was discovered in the streets of Charlotte NC, injured and emaciated.  Despite being weak and half-starved, he managed to take an active interest in his foster home.. He walked the perimeter of the yard, sniffing and pondering. He was sick and limping on a mangled paw, but he tried to get his bearings. He resisted lying down during transport from the shelter, even though every veer of the vehicle threw him off balance.   Now that he knows he’s safe and where his next meal is coming from, Saint spends much of his day lounging on a soft dog bed, close to his foster person. He knows his name and harks to its sound.  He shows up for meals at first call with an expectant look on his face.  Thanks to this enthusiasm, Saint has gained 10 pounds and is now at a perfect weight for his size.

Saint is house trained and has learned to use a dog door.  The rare exception might be an early morning with all dogs clamoring for attention and play.  Saint sometime gets caught up in the fun and forgets to go potty.  Best practice is to take him straight outside upon arising, no questions asked.  Once out, he knows what to do.

Saint’s kidney values were slightly askew when he arrived but have improved significantly since he’s been in foster. He had a serious urinary tract infection which cleared up with antibiotics. He is a little stiff in spine and hips, but has become stronger and more peppy in his gait.   He could benefit especially from a physical therapy regimen to keep his joints flexible.

Saint will be a fine companion for an adopter who prefers an easy chair to the jogging trail.  He could be taken on an easy walk around the block, now and then, but he gets enough exercise for senior fitness on his own in the yard.  He enjoys greeting visitors at the door or on a walk, is fine with children, other dogs, and the resident cats and chickens.  His loyalty will be firmly directed toward his new owners.  He will stand quietly by your side and touch his nose to your knee, just to reassure himself that you are still there.  But, he just might follow the UPS delivery man out the front door if you don’t keep a sharp eye on him.