Shadow was picked up by Animal Control as a stray and soon thereafter the shelter staff noticed that he barely used his left hind limb. The leg was not painful and he had lost the majority of the musculature on this side indicating that it was an old injury of some sort. After he was brought into CBCR foster care, and a nasty respiratory tract infection had healed, he had radiographs taken of his hind leg. The radiographs revealed a chronic hip luxation – the hind leg was basically not attached to his hip joint anymore. Shadow underwent surgery and several weeks of physical therapy to build his musculature back up, and to get him used to actually putting weight on his leg.

Throughout this whole ordeal Shadow was a funny, brave sweetheart who made his foster family fall in love with him. Shadow is a highly active dog and is exceptionally smart, not being able to exercise much during his recovery time was difficult for him. He went to obedience classes to keep his mind busy and teach him basic manners, and eventually even started doing some low impact agility. Shadow is smart as whip, eager to work and picks up new tasks almost instantly, sometimes by just watching other dogs perform a new task. Even though he still favors his injured leg a little bit (after surgery it is a bit shorter than the other leg, it will never be completely normal), he runs like the wind and is not restricted in any way. We are so glad that CBCR was able to save this precious boy!