Shelby turned up as a stray in Gwinnett County Georgia.  She is a lovable, live wire of a young girl.  If she could have it her way, she would play all day with other dogs or with people, or both.  A couple of hours of rough and tumble comes no where near to discharging Shelby’s energy.  She is fit and agile, a possible candidate for agility or for herding trials. She sleeps a good solid 9 hours a night, preferably curled up tightly against you in your bed.

Shelby especially enjoys tug of war.  If you can extract the tug from her mouth and throw it, she will chase it down and bring it back to shove against your hand:  “Play with me play with me now!” She is fascinated by water and will bite and drink water from a hose as well as water poured from a pitcher.  Might make a good dock diver!

I feed Shelby in a crate because, otherwise, she will fly around and vacuum up all resident dogs’ food.  She missed manners class somewhere along the line and is particularly pushy about meeting other dogs, shoving her nose into faces and underbellies with raised hackles. She’s Queen of mixed messages.  Household and foster dogs are giving Shelby lessons in behavior — “No I do not feel like playing Bitey Face for another hour, thanks anyway.”  And, “Your barking loudly and relentlessly will never persuade me to relinquish this bone.”  She is picking up in her foster home what she did not get in her litter or her previous home.

Shelby is good with children and other dogs, but is probably not to be trusted with cats or poultry.  She is house trained and is going straighter and getting less bouncy on leash.  She rides will in a care and has good recall, even when she’s escaped the fenced yard. She’s a barrel of fun.