Stu came to us from a shelter in western North Carolina and he’s one happy dog now that he’s a active member of the family. He is a tricolor Border Collie perhaps with a bit of Aussie heritage. As you can see, he has beautiful long hair, which I sheared off when he arrived because I couldn’t get all the dirt out. But he’s a cutie sheared anyway. Stu is an energetic, fun and happy dog; likely way younger than 2 years given his constant need to explore and MOVE. The little guy is neutered, heartworm negative, does not exhibit thunder phobia nor separation anxiety. He loves to play with other dogs, in fact it would be best for Stu to go to a home with another active dog to help dissipate some of his energy. A lovable little guy, loves to snuggle…although is a bit squirmy. He stays close to his owner, has never run off for us. A crate does not work for Stu, as it doesn’t for many dogs. He has never shown any interest in toys but does love to play ball with all his heart. He will quickly become bored in the house, and if that happens will likely find something to chew on. It is contingent upon us to keep him mentally and physically occupied. He’s smart, he ought to be the next president. House trained.

Being a herder, he is not good with kids as he wants to nip their feet herding them. Nor does he do well with cats.

Stu must not have had a pleasant life before he wound up in the shelter as he is seriously fearful of men. My very patient husband has been working with Stu for 2 months and Stu has made great strides although there is still a way to go. This earned trust likely won’t spill over to other men and for that reason, must go to a home without men.

Putting the ‘man thing’ aside, Stu is an absolute joy, so full of life, returns love 10 times over. He just wants to participate with us in the daily activities of life and to be his owners best friend. And he will be given the chance.