About Sweep:

Sweep is a sweetheart. We call him Sweep, Sweeper, Pinecone Boy, Weed Eater, or Handsome. He is great at entertaining himself and us in the process. His favorite thing to do is watch the other dogs while shaking whatever he has in his mouth, a toy, a ball, a pine cone, a leaf, or a blade of grass. Because of this habit, it is best not to leave the Sweeper unattended in your flower garden. He is never without something in his mouth.

Sweep gets along very well with his large foster dog family. He is not much for playing with the other dogs, but can be enticed occasionally. He prefers to focus on one dog and watch that dog’s every move, from a distance. He definitely has a few of the obsessive/compulsive characteristic of the breed. He will need a home with other dogs or someone to be with him most of the time.

When Sweep attended NCSU Veterinary Hospital’s open house, he attracted kids of all ages with his gentle manner. He lay down, closed his eyes and seemed to fall asleep as group after group came by and stroked his hair and talked to him. The only concern with children is food. He allows adult humans to remove his food but this may be an issue with young children and he is not too gentle when taking treats although he is much better than when he first arrived in rescue.

Sweep was rescued from a SC shelter. When he entered the shelter, he had a puncture wound in his lower right leg and was limping. Initially, it was felt that the limp was due to this wound but after the wound healed, the limp persisted. Radiographs were taken and a dislocated elbow was discovered. Several veterinarians were consulted. The wound is an old one and the chance that surgery would successfully correct the problem is very small, might make it worse. Sweep uses this leg and it does not seem to hinder him in the least.  He is on joint medication and fish tabs with Omega 3 fatty acid.  An occasional Rimadyl when he over does it, and Sweep is good to go!

Sweep’s recall has improved since he first arrived at his foster home, although, he is often “very busy,” he will come as soon as he can. (His leg really hurts when he doesn’t want to come!)

Sweep initiates most of the howling episodes in his foster home. His motivation is not always clear although the clothes dryer is sure to get him going.

Sweep will not be adopted to a home with an invisible fencing system or any other shock type training system.