About Trip:

A mature, friendly dog, Trip would make a wonderful companion for pretty much any family. He loves people of all ages, gets along well with other dogs, is moderately active and would enjoy spending all of his time with his humans. Trip would make a great first dog for a novice dog owner or a loyal companion for an experienced handler looking for a more relaxed type of dog.

Trip came to CBCR after his original owner passed away. He was clearly well loved and well taken of by his original family. He is polite and obedient, knows basic commands and even some tricks (like “shake”, “roll over”). Trip is very food-motivated and easy to train. His only “bad” habit is counter-surfing, but he responds well to a simple “no”.

Trip has some health issues that are currently being addressed by his veterinarian. He has been diagnosed with mitral valve disease (and resulting heart murmur) that is very mild and does not require any medication. Trip has also some skin issues (due most likely to food allergies), but his veterinarian is confident that they will resolve once we find the right type of food for him. We have recently put Trip on a special medication to help with his itchy skin, and the medication seems to be working. None of these ailments require extensive medical care or slow Trip down.

Trip has been neutered, is up-to-date on vaccinations, is crate- and house-trained.