Boomer came to CBCR via his owner, whose life changed radically, and who was no longer able to care for Boomer. He had been purchased as a puppy from working sheep dog lines. He has a noble ancestry, reaching back to Scotland and Wales. His great grandmother won numerous ribbons in sheep trials.

Boomer, however, is better suited to retrieve Frisbees, balls and sticks in your back yard. He was recently described by a dog sitter as having “the best Frisbee manners” she’d ever seen. He puts the fetched object nicely into your hand, then flattens out in stalking posture, ready for the next throw.

When Boomer is not retrieving, he lies regally on the floor, watching your every move. If you head for the front door, he’ll be instantly beside you, hoping for a car ride. He loads readily into a car and rides quietly in the back seat.

Boomer is house trained and will sit for a treat. He could be said to have great recall if he were ever far enough from your side to be called. He is a Velcro dog. He is not disturbed by noises including fireworks, guns, vaccuum or passing vehicles. He does not chase cars. He is fearful of the resident cat and ignores the chickens, ever since he pinned one then didn’t know what to do next. He is appropriate with other dogs and really, really loves people. If allowed, he will give you a hug around the waist and look intently into your eyes. He loves to be brushed.

Boomer would do well with a family who is NOT looking for an agility star or a sheep herder. He’d like to be a part of a household which offers a medium long walk, a lot of love, and a couple of Frisbee/ball games every day. He is a wonderful, mellow, gorgeous dog.