A classic Border Collie with a beautiful curly coat, Elle is an active dog who loves to run (and could potentially be trained as a running partner). While she is not as intense as some of the working border collies, she needs an active family that would include her in all of their daily activities – otherwise, she will get bored easily. Elle loves to run in the big yard at her foster home, and we feel that she needs to have an opportunity to run off leash in a secure environment. We will thus only consider homes with a secure fenced-in yard for her (she would not do well in an apartment setting or with just one or two leashed walks per day). She does have an “off” switch and settles nicely inside.

Elle loves people and is excellent with children. She has pretty good recall and knows basic obedience commands. She is crate- and house-trained. Elle goes in her crate willingly and uses it as her “safe” place, especially during thunderstorms (Elle is moderately thunderphobic). She has decent leash walking skills, although she tends to circle during the first 5-10 minutes of the walk (a typical Border Collie behavior). While she has not been formally exposed to cats or other pet animals, we feel that she might not do well with them. She has also shown some unhealthy interest in our neighbors’ horses, so may not do well with them either.

Elle lives with ten other dogs at her foster home, and gets along with some of them. In fact, she greatly enjoys playing and running with her select playmates. She does, however, show aggressive tendencies towards other resident dogs and has to be separated from them at all times. She seems to get along with dogs that are super-friendly and extremely submissive. We will consider homes with other dogs for her, but will need to see how she does with the other dog(s) first, and what kind of personality the other dogs have.

Elle is healthy and up to date on all appropriate vaccinations. She has been spayed.