• Sex: Male
  • Age: approximately 7-8 years old
  • Coat: Black and white, rough coat
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Activity Level: Companion

Ellis is a true love bug and a delightful, well-behaved dog. Ellis would be a great companion for someone who likes snuggling, playing fetch (although he doesn’t always bring it back!), and going for walks. Ellis thrives in the presence of other well-balanced dogs and will need one or more canine buddies in his adoptive household. He is also good with cats, but he loves people the most. Ellis is anxious in new situations and with new people, but after a few days he warms up and is ready to play!

He is blind in one eye but he and his eyes are very healthy. Vet experts think he may have been hit by a car that blinded him in the one eye, and caused some damage to his nerve that controls saliva. When very nervous, Ellis will drool more than a normal dog but it subsides once he’s comfortable. Also, like most Border Collies, he’s very sensitive to noise. He’ll do best in a quieter setting (not a lot of street noise, for example) with a fenced-in backyard and lots of room to run and play with his toys.

Ellis is a well-trained, affectionate and eager to please dog. His foster parents would love to keep him if they didn’t already have three dogs!

Ellis is available for adoption now so please contact us today to learn more about this love bug! He is being fostered in Chapel Hill, NC. For more information, contact foster, Karen, at 919-345-1965 or koizzy08@gmail.com.