CBCR found Farley at the Forsythe County Humane Shelter. He had been adopted from this same shelter as a puppy and returned a year later due to “issues with other dogs in the household.” There must have been issues beyond those with dogs, because he is jumpy and fearful, even after a month in foster. Farley’s fondness for people generally overcomes his mistrust unless there’s an unexpected noise or movement — a spoon dropped, a broom wielded.

He is a funny little dog with a beautiful face and a plumy tail. Although he does not respond to commands, he will sit motionless to have his harness installed. He loves to be taken on walks but chooses to zig zag behind his handler, even though other dogs are trotting out front in standard formation.

The recent arrival of a second foster dog about Farley’s age and size inspired him to invite the newcomer to run and play. The two dogs fly around the yard in happy friendship. Neither dog is interested in retrieving toys but both enjoy dental chews. Farley co-exists with the resident cat and chickens without incident.

Despite his fears, Farley meets visitors or delivery people at the door with great expectation. He needs a well-balanced family with a good fence to keep him safe while he learns to trust.