Hi, my name is Jewels! I’m an eye-catching beauty, approximately 3 years old. A medium length, shiny black coat covers my body with a splash of white at the scruff of my neck. My face has a unique white/speckled stripe down to my nose. My legs are a mixture of black, white and brown and my tail is black with a bold white stripe in the middle. Amber eyes, sparkling like precious jewels in the sun, compliment my other attributes.I came to my CBCR foster home in South Carolina in May. While being evaluated by CBCR, it was discovered I’m heartworm positive. My heartworm treatment is now underway with lots of rest and TLC. I’ll be all recovered and ready for adoption sometime in August. I am housebroken, ride well in a car, and do not bark very much.

My foster home has several other dogs and everyone was hopeful I’d find my place with them. But it seems I’d do better in home with no other dogs (or perhaps just one laid-back dog) as I’ve wanted to challenge the other dogs I live with now. When my foster people put the other dogs away and focus on me, my true personality really glows. I do superbly by myself when there is no competition. I am affectionate without being overbearing and I give small kisses and look lovingly into your eyes. I like to wiggle myself all around the house, playing with my ball and one special squeaky toy. I love to lay at the foot of my master’s chair and take a nap. I’m proud to say I walk excellently on a leash. A young lady 8yrs old walked me and I did fantastic. She sat with me inside the house and hugged me and stroked me and I was a good girl I can be laid back and quiet when I don’t feel the competition. I also rest comfortably in my large crate and find it is a place of comfort. I do have the typical Border Collie tendency to stalk prey so I don’t think I would do well with cats. I’m afraid during thunder storms but my foster mom knows how to make me feel safe. She puts a thunder shirt on me and covers my crate with a sheet.

My foster parents love me immensely but understand I’m not getting along with their pack and want the best for me. I will need a fenced in yard. They think I would do great as an agility dog and would like flyball, hiking, or herding on a farm. They took me to a pond the other day and I wanted to go in! A beach trip is next.