Introducing JoJo.

JoJo is a 10 month old, active pet, male Border Collie mix that will be ready for his forever home soon. He has been neutered, microchipped, and is current on all vaccines. JoJo currently weighs 37 pounds. He has a smooth short coat that doesn’t seem to shed excessively. He has nice small feet with trimmed nails. He doesn’t make a sound when he walks across hardwood floors. He is working on being house potty trained and he is crate trained. He is working on learning how to sit quietly inside the house on his pillow. He has transitioned from sleeping inside a crate at night to sleeping on a pillow next to his foster mom’s bed.

JoJo loves people! He is currently living with an 11 year old and teenage boys. He is warm and friendly with everyone that comes over. JoJo also lives with two tiny and cranky Chihuahuas. He respectfully ignores all of their antics that are truly deserving of a confrontation! He loves going for walks and he will frequently look back and make sure his person is still there. He has a great recall and makes great eye contact with his foster mom.

He has a moderate energy level. His energy is satisfied by running around a large fenced yard with other dogs and playing ball with his foster mom.

JoJo is currently in a foster home with other dogs. He loves all of them but the more sedentary ones find him a bit annoying. JoJo is so happy he doesn’t mind the sometimes cranky growls.

JoJo has quickly learned basic commands and is motivated with treats and praise.