Chase (formerly Mako) is about 7 months old and was picked up as a stray. He’s a super cute and very uncomplicated youngster. With his sweet demeanor and medium energy he will make someone a great companion. He’s housebroken, loves water and cuddles. Because he’s still a puppy he will look for some mischief here and there but nothing beyond raiding his foster families trash can or stealing some snacks. Who could blame him? He’s learning how to walk on a leash and simple commands. He loves his crate and will lay down inside even with the door open. He hardly ever barks but that could change as he grows up.

He does have a high prey drive and we don’t recommend him for a household with small critters like bunnies or hamsters because he will merciless stare at them. Chase loves all men, women, children and other dogs and is waiting to be the center of someone’s life.